Why Love is Not Everything

It is that time of year again. The love birds are out and making sure everyone knows about it. Love is in the air whether one is walking to class or at the local Target. It is a great holiday for those that are in love.. but what about those who are not?

Instead of having a significant other this year, she has a job, tons of homework, and a feeling of uneasiness. The uneasiness she is feeling is causing her to question herself: Is she missing something? Insecurities start arising, ones that she did not know she had, and she continues asking herself if she’s behind on the whole love thing, or really that unappealing to the opposite gender. Since she is alone this year, she must be doing something wrong right? Wrong. 

There’s nothing wrong with being single this Valentine’s Day because she is alone by choice; showing no reason as to why she should not love how far she’s come from last year. She loves her friends, family, job, and major. Guess what? That is so enough. 

Although there may be nothing romantic about where she is in her life, that does not mean the day should be spent wallowing. Because who’s kidding: V-DAY means half priced chocolate on the 15th, and that is something to be really happy about. Just because love is everywhere these next couple of weeks, does not mean that there’s something missing because she’s not IN love. 

Being is love is great, but there is also the not so great part- the breakup: the space of sadness and heartache that seems never ending and so hard to get through. When she gets out that faze she may realize that love just really is not everything. It is great, but it is not a necessity in college. One does not NEED to love someone, there is love in other places. 

This does not mean that having a boyfriend isn’t great, but not everyone feels like she is in that time of her life to have one. She’s working on herself, and providing for herself. She is content with her friends and that they are the ones she will be spending the day with- because she realizes that being happy at where she is in her life is better than anything else the 14th could offer her. 

She should be happy with how far she has come. Be thankful that where she was last year is a place in the past, and she can only move forward from here. It is okay to be alone, when that is honestly the best thing for her right now. She should not force herself into a relationship because of what society says is "necessary" for the day. She does not have to be in love with anyone other than herself. The more she loves who she is becoming, the more she will realize that this holiday is a reminder that the love of others is not everything. 

So to the girl who feels like she’s doing something wrong this Valentine’s Day, that is so far from the truth. In all honestly, “Who wants butterflies in your stomach and your heart skipping beats. That can’t be safe.” -Unknown