Why Having More Than One Best Friend is Okay

Best friends. We’ve all had one, or two or even three. They come and go, and if we’re lucky we’ve had a best friend for a really long time. And as life goes, you come across an abundance of people, or maybe just a few, that all mean so much to you in their own way. But, is having more than one best friend okay? If you already have a best friend, but consider another friend your best friend as well, does it really count?

The answer, if not obvious already, is yes. And here’s why.

  1. All Friendships Are Different

Each friendship develops differently and they each have their own special moments. It’s the differences in the friendships that make each and every one of them so important, because none is like the other. Some friendships start off immediately while others take time to progress. And some friendships have their own traditions while others tend to go with the flow, but in the end they all matter. The way they started and what makes them different is what leads you to consider that person as your best friend.

  1. All Friends Have Their Own Superpower

Believe it or not, friends have superpowers. It's not the kind of superpowers that you read in a comic or see in a movie, but it's more of the realistic kind of superpowers. The kind where they know exactly what to do when you are feeling sad or know what to say to encourage you when you are feeling doubtful. Having more than one best friend, you realize that each of them have their own superpower and not all are the same. And despite the differences in each of them though, you realize that their friendship along with their amazing superpowers are exactly what keeps you grounded.


  1. Time Doesn’t Matter with Friendships

Friendships begin in all throughout our lives. You may have your high school best friend, but you may also have a college best friend. Just because you meet someone earlier or later than another doesn’t mean that their friendship doesn’t hold the same value. Yes, friendships take time to grow, but you will know if that new friend that you met a few months or so ago is your best friend. Not through how long you’ve known each other, but rather through the special moments that have tucked themselves deep inside your heart. A New York Times bestselling author called Dodinsky says, “There are friendships imprinted in our hearts that will never be diminished by time and distance.”

  1. Despite the Different Friendships You Love Them All the Same

When you ask your parents who they love the most between you and your siblings and they respond with, “We love you all the same,” you might sigh and roll your eyes. But, when having more than one best friend, you begin to somewhat understand what they mean. Despite the different friendships, despite all the special moments shared within each friendship and despite the various superpowers your friends may have, you realize that you love them all the same. And that love is shown in their own special way.

But don’t forget, friendship is a two-way street. Make sure to show your best friends your own super powers and help them through their struggles. Let them know that they all mean a lot to you and show them that it's the differences that make them special.