Why A Green Diet Might Be The Best Thing For You

I have always loved my veggies, especially if we’re talking broccoli, spinach, carrots, and the good-tasting peas. However, I have never been a huge salad fanatic. I’m more of a coleslaw type of person, because it seems more exciting. The only thing that will really make me crave a salad are the toppings. I absolutely love salads that have cranberries, nuts, chips, etc. because they make me feel like I’m eating more than just leaves.

Living in a campus dorm and having to use a meal plan has really limited my food options. In fact, for the first couple months, I fell victim to eating out often and choosing not-so-healthy foods. With this, came breakouts and just overall fatigue. Personally, my body hates it when I eat terribly. On days, when I have an overload of fatty and sugary foods, I feel sick inside.

One day I decided it’s time to take initiative and consistently eat healthier. I chose to do this crazy thing called a “green diet.” I’m not vegan or vegetarian, so I customized it to include meat. Basically, I would intentionally eat salads for lunch or dinner every single day. It sounds crazy but it was super nice. It honestly feels so great, especially since these salads have great toppings. I like to add strawberries, walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, mandarin oranges, chips, and so much more.

Research shows that salads and greens in general are really good for you on various levels. In addition to being rich in minerals and essential nutrients, they also act as great antioxidants. A green diet is basically like a detox. It neutralizes your body and cleanses it of various toxins. It also helps reduce stress and fatigue, and boosts your immune system.

If you research green diets online you’ll find various options. I decided to do my own thing and make the diet work for me personally. For breakfast, I typically eat a bar or something rich in fiber. Then, for lunch I’ll get a salad with toppings of my choice. Since a salad alone doesn’t always fill me up, I like to get flatbread to go with it. For dinner, I might eat another salad or I might just have a protein-rich but low-fat meal. My main goal with this diet is to limit my sugar, sodium, and fat consumption while maximizing my protein and green intake.

Since I started this diet, I have felt so healthy and nutritionally stable. If you are passionate about healthy eating or have found yourself feeling super fatigued from your current eating habits, I highly recommend trying a green diet. In a world that celebrates processed and fatty foods, greens are like a much needed breath of fresh air.