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Why Emma Chamberlain’s Planner Is the Only One You Should Be Using This Year

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If you are anything like me, being organized is a goal you can’t quite seem to master. Incidentally, Emma Chamberlain had the same problem. She took it into her own hands and created The Ideal Planner, a perfect combination of fun and organization to keep you engaged all year. It’s an investment worth the money, especially now.

The Customization Aspect

My biggest issue when buying planners? They either start in August of the year before, or don’t have a big enough space to write all my activities. The best part of The Ideal Planner? It’s blank. That means that it doesn’t matter when you buy it or when you want to start filling it out – it’s completely customizable. This aspect makes organization way easier for those who need it, and it can also be a fun New Year’s project.

Back To the Basics

What is arguably the best part of this planner? The basic layout. Each month offers a whole page full of dated squares, along with the next few pages that are to be filled out with more details on the day to day. It’s the perfect balance of creativity, organization, and modernism.

All the Fun

From crosswords and questionaries to self-portraits and would-you-rather pages, this is the only planner that won’t lead you to boredom. The creativity aspect of this planner is perfect for the organizational types that need to see it written out. Planning your day, week, month, and year is now full of color and jokes that Emma Chamberlain felt were important. The Ideal Planner is a planner full of more.

The Ideal Planner doesn’t need motivation to be filled out. It is the motivation. This planner Emma Chamberlain created has changed the organizational game for so many people. It’s the planner to go with, especially in 2022. Wherever this year takes you, The Ideal Planner has your back.

Hi! My name is Megan Stobie and I am a junior in the BA Professional Writing program at GCU. I am from the small town of Orting, Washington and I love to write!
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