Why College Students Should Try Everything at Least Once

...and we’re not talking about drugs. 

Being a senior in college has allowed me to understand why everyone says, “enjoy it while you can,” “you are going to make the best memories in college,” and “don’t grow up so fast, enjoy it.” They all say, “Enjoy it, appreciate it, love it, live in the moment,” and they are all right! I can’t tell you how to spend your college years. Every person has their own favorite pastime, memories, and activity, whether it is reading, hiking, or even writing online articles for other college students, but I can show you what you are missing. 

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  1. Explore 

What have you always wanted to do? Ever wanted to learn to play the guitar or learn all the lyrics to Wannabe by the Spice Girls? Do you have a bucket list? Why not start it now? In college you are already exploring and doing new things. You are in a new environment. You are meeting new people. You probably are communicating very differently than you did when you are home. Trying something at least once allows you to be open to new possibilities. It also allows you to see the world with rose colored glasses. The possibilities are endless. 

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  1. Likes/Dislikes 

So, you didn’t like bowling because it reminded you of that time when you were little at Chuckee Cheese stuck in the ball pit all the while smelling feet and accidently losing your Band-Aid; or, you absolutely love it and are thinking of becoming a professional bowler. You tried it - and guess what? It is your choice to do it again or not. This allows you to find new things you are interested in. Think of it like dating; you can swipe left on all crummy activities you already know you don’t like, then when you see that cool activity, you can swipe right and maybe it will be your soulmate, so to speak. Ultimately, it allows you to pinpoint what you are interested in. 


  1. Confidence

Have you ever tried on an outfit, not knowing if you were going to look good in it, but as soon as you look at yourself in the mirror, you see a straight up goddess staring back at you? Yeah, that’s what trying new things does to your self-esteem. You already tried something new and pulled it off 100%. Why not do it for opportunities? Liking something and being good at it makes you want to do it more and more. Take yoga for example. Everyone thinks it’s just easy stretching, but not you. You did that hot yoga and almost passed out, but you loved it (true story). Are you going to do it again? Hell yeah!

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  1. Mental Health 

Have you ever been in a slump? Not wanting to do anything or being tired of the same schedule over and over. Going from class to work to sleep again and again. This type of activity harms your mental health. There is a ton of research depicting social isolation as debilitating. Exercise increases dopamine; so, how is it any different than, say, paddle boarding or snowboarding. Fueling everyday life with open options is uplifting. It is the optimistic way of life which helps increase your mental health. 

Yes, trying new things can be scary, but it can also be fun. It allows you to find who you are and what you like to do. I’m not saying to uproot your life and do everything over again, but if you are daring and curious, try it once.