When She’s Checked Out Of The Semester

She has three weeks left of school, and could not feel less motivated. Her homework is piling up, and she feels constantly exhausted. She cannot even get herself to complete simple tasks. It seems like her school life, social life, health life, and every other form of life is in chaos. Unsure on how to get motivated to finish the semester? Here are some tips and tricks to finish the school year of strong!

1. Change of Scenery

It seems like the more she sits in her room the more likely she is to procrastinate her work and watch Netflix. Try changing locations. A perk of living in Phoenix is the beautiful weather. Instead of reading in bed, she could take her book to the pool. If she’s more of an indoor person, she could go off campus to a coffee shop. A change of scenery can cause a nice change, and she just might be able to get more done this way. 

2. Stay Hydrated 

Although this is something that should always be included in her daily routine, it seems like the more stressed out she is the more coffee she reaches for meaning less water. This can cause headaches, and ultimately her not wanting to do anything because she feels a lack of energy. 

3. Eat

School is so insanely busy, and she forgets to eat. This is CRUCIAL to her being able to get her work done. She needs to make sure she is eating three full meals a day so that she’s keeping her immune system up and energized. She can’t just run on coffee if she wants to be successful. Coffee helps, but not the answer.  

4. Sleep 

She is working, going to school full time, and trying to keep a social life. Sleep? She has no time for it. She NEEDS to make time for it. If she’s running low on sleep there’s a high possibility she’s likely to get sick, not focus properly in class, and have mood swings. Do not put sleep on the back burner. 

5. Take Time For Herself

If you are constantly going and don’t take a breather every once in a while, she’s going to run herself dry. Have a ‘me’ night. Do a facemask and she can watch her favorite Romantic Comedy. Get some ice cream and relax, she so deserves it. 

6. Go To Class 

She really wants to sleep through that 8am, but DO NOT DO IT. She needs all the points she can get right now, and sleeping through a class is not going to give her the results she needs. 

7. Stay Organized

Whether this be with time management or keeping her dorm room clean, this will help her have control over what needs to get done. This can help her feel less stressed and more likely to tackle her to-dos. 

8. She’s Almost Done  The semester is almost over which means summer. She just has to get through the next couple of week and she’ll be done. She’s got this!