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Travis Scott Is Responsible For What Happened

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astroworld= Problematic

The Astroworld festival held in Houston, TX on November 5, 2021 started as a normal day, but for the 50,000 individuals that attended the event, their lives were changed forever. Their day started off exciting due to the fact they were going to go to one of the first big music festivals since the beginning of the pandemic. This event was problematic in many ways… too many ways to be disregarded and not discussed.


One of the many issues with Astroworld begins with security. As stated by Chief Troy Finner, he is unaware as to how many security guards were at the event. In a later interview with one of the few licensed security guards, the guard states that he was unsure as to what his job was. He then stated that he did not think the venue was correctly equipped for this event, later in the interview. ABC13 looked further into the “Event Operations Plan for the Astroworld Festival” to try to find out if there was a plan, just in case there was an issue with the crowd and nothing was stated. Later in the investigation, ABC13 discovers that the head of risk management and security was not only unlicensed in Texas, but is not licensed at all.

As with most events happening right now, the people who went to Astroworld needed to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid test. Many individuals who attended Astroworld have shared their experiences on TikTok, and so many of them have said that upon entering, security was not checking for either documents.

What the concert goers have to say

CNN interviewed multiple individuals who attended the music festival, and all of their stories line up in a shocking way. They all have different ways of putting together the fact that the whole event was tragic. Madeline Eskins, a frequent concert goer, said that this festival was nothing she had ever been to before. She states in her interview, “all of a sudden, people compressed up against each other and were pushing forward and backward…it got worse and worse.” Madeline continues to say in the interview that yes she had been to concerts before, but has never seen people die right in front of her.

If you go on any social media platform and search #astroworld, you can find hundreds of more accounts as to what happened at the festival.

Why Travis is at fault

If you are on social media and are aware of what happened at Astroworld, more likely than not you have seen the video of a man being carried in front of Travis. This man was unconscious and was being carried right in front of Travis Scott, and he did nothing. Another instance of neglect is shown when a girl was seen climbing on top of the cameraman platform begging for help, because people were beginning to pass out and die. The cameraman did nothing to help, but merely shooed her off. She has given her side of the story on her instagram, where she later states that she does not blame the cameraman for not knowing how to handle the situation. (@seannafaith on instagram)

It is even rumored that Travis was told about what was happening in the crowd, but chose to keep performing.

Travis Scott is widely known for encouraging wild behavior at shows, but anytime it has ever gotten out of hand the situation was handled properly. Scott was even charged with criminal offences at past shows. Scott once stopped a show when he was crowd surfing and a fan took off his shoe; but couldn’t stop a show when there were cries for help because people were dying?

There is still so much that is unknown when it comes to what really happened at the Astroworld Festival. What we do know is that Travis Scott has given a very insincere apology that you can find on his Twitter. There are rumors on whether or not the venue was allotted for 20,000 or 50,000 people. Was there enough water available for the people there? Was the festival planned out correctly? Is there more to the story?

NINE young, innocent people lost their lives at this music festival. Hundreds are still recovering in the hospital. Some have even said that they feel as though this disaster was all planned. Further investigations are happening now to get to the bottom of what really happened at Astroworld 2021.  


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