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Top 5 Things To Do During the Holidays in Phoenix

The holiday season can get pretty crazy between the chaos of shopping for gifts, organizing flights and travel plans, and final projects. Here are 5 fun things to help take your mind off the chaos and re-focus on the fun in the holiday season.  




Zoolights is one of the greatest holiday attractions here in Phoenix. They open the zoo during the evening starting in November until the end of January. This attraction is really cool to bring a significant other to or even just a couple of friends! Although most of the animals have been put to bed for the night, browsing around the park to see the beautiful Christmas lights displayed is quite the sight! Every half hour or so they have a special music and light show that they coordinate in the middle of the park. I highly encourage this attraction during the holiday season! 


Illumination is one of Phoenix’s greatest lights shows that you do not have to leave your car for! Illumination has a couple different locations, each offering a drive thru light experience. If you have ever wanted to just grab a hot chocolate and look at Christmas lights with your friends, this is the spot for you! Make sure to pick your appointment time, grab your friends after finals, grab that hot chocolate or apple cider and get in the car for your luxury drive through lights experience. 

Christmas at the farm

Christmas at the Farm is new to the Phoenix area. Located in Mesa, Vertuccio Farms has quite the holiday experience. They just began this event last year but with great success they have decided to continue it. Vertuccio Farms offers many great games and crazy Christmas light attractions. Although you can’t drive through this one, you would not want to! This offers a great place to take photos with cool light attractions and squeeze in some family fun! Perfect for all ages! 

Throw your own Holiday party

Throwing your own holiday part is quite the experience! Although it can be nerve wracking trying to coordinate everyone’s schedule together and managing to figure out food, drinks, and games it is so worth it once it comes out! Throwing your own holiday party allows for all of your friends to be together enjoying each other’s company! It is especially fun to add in some sort of theme, matching pajamas, or even a white elephant exchange!  

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is a perfect holiday attraction! At Citi Skate Ice Rink, they have a Christmas in the middle of the rink that skaters may go around or take pictures with. Although this attraction is a little more on the chilly side, it is perfect for the holiday setting and gives Phoenix natives the feel of a white Christmas. On top of all the fun you’ll have you’ll definitely get a work out from the circles you’ll spend around the tree! 

All in all, the holiday season is the perfect time to spend with those you love and care about. No matter what you do this holiday season, stay safe, stay smart, and have fun!

Senior at Grand Canyon University double majoring in Communications and English with an Emphasis in Professional Writing.
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