Top 10 Movies to Watch on Halloween

Halloween is days away from us and that reveals that spooky season is in full effect, but do not fret if you do not have plans this October. Here is a countdown of the top 10 best horror films to watch on Halloween. As a horror fanatic from a young age, there have been plenty of scary films that have left a large imprint on my imagination. These films differ in several ways, but they all provide the same outcome, fear. However, be warned. These movies are for those who are willing to be afraid and scared to sleep at night. 

Halloween (1978)

A staple cult classic, Halloween, delivers a chilling tale about a serial killer named Michael Myers and the murder of his sister on Halloween. Michael is then placed into a mental institute and makes a riveting return back into town when he escapes. Halloween engrosses you into the twisted mind of Michael Myers and demonstrates that no one is trustworthy, not even your own blood. 

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

With blood, gore, and guts, this film will have your stomach churning from the beginning! The Texas Chainsaw Massacre tells the story about “leatherface” and the horrific introduction to his gruesome killings. A group of couples fall victim to his cruel brutalities and displays their struggle to survive in the midst of escaping their deaths. However, this movie will have you gripped to the edge of your seat and is not intended for the light hearted. If you're up for a scary night filled with action and suspense, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre will deliver exactly just that!

Hereditary (2018)

Unlike any other movie, Hereditary depicts a different version of Sinister. Annie, who is the main protagonist of the film, goes through a major death in her family which involves her mother, Ellen. As a result, Annie falls into a deep hole of depression and her own family is soon affected by this. From once starting as a family tragedy, the films goes into a different direction and ends up into an evil nightmare. The director Ari Aster debuts his first drama horror film that is utterly disturbing and intriguing. Hereditary will have you leaving with more questions than answers and realizing the importance of family and loss. 

The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

This American horror film remake embarks the journey of a family who unexpectedly receives a flat tire in the middle of the desert and are then taunted by cannibalistic mutants that reside there. They soon find out they are targeted by these creatures and their journey to safety is anything but pleasant. While the film dates back when radiation had affected the population of New Mexico, this story is just plain gruesome. Out of all the movies given in this category, this film involves disfigured creatures, gut- wrenching scenes, and a bloody aftermath. Although critics disapprove of this film and are unable to watch the horrific scenes, it provides an interesting story line with several twists and turns. Once you look over the gore, you will see the unimaginable story the remake provides. 

Us (2019)

The director Jordan Peele once again provides a riveting story that is unlike any horror film made. Us, is about a girl named Adelaide who goes on a family trip to Santa Cruz. There, she wanders off in a fun house and comes out completely changed forever. Years pass by and she is haunted by her past in Santa Cruz and her own family is now terrorized by their own clones. What seems like a typical thriller gone wrong, this movie presents suspense like no other. From the camera shots and the amazing acting, people who do not like horror films will find a sense of admiration after watching this film!

Carrie (1976)

We all share embarrassing and horrible memories from highschool, yet Carrie demonstrates the struggle of being in highschool and the problems that come with it. 16 year old Carrie is a shy girl who lives with her overly religious mother alone. She begins her period at school where she gets terrorized and bullied for her odd demeanor. This only begins the start of her dark behavior and it isn’t until she reaches her breaking point does she discovers her underlying powers. From once being bullied, to now terrorizing the people who made fun of her, Carrie would have you shocked and wishing you were never cruel to someone in highschool. 

The Conjuring (2013)

Those who are skeptical of the paranormal world will find The Conjuring an introduction to these terrifying actions compelling. Ed and Loraine Warren return yet again to another haunting case. This power couple serves as paranormal investigators that initiate the upcoming Conjuring franchise. The film dates back to 1971 where a family of 5 move into a remote area in Rhode Island. Everything seems too good to be true until one of the children discovers a hidden cellar in the basement. As the family continues to reside there, more paranormal events begin to occur and the entire family realizes something evil is living there. Ed and Loraine agree to help this desperate family and the events that develop are eerie and spooky. Nothing beats a night film with ghosts and spirits!

Get Out (2017)

The start of Jordan Peele and his fascinating stories all begin with Get Out and the insanity of what's real and what’s an illusion. The opening of this film reveals a biracial couple, Chris, who is willing to meet his white girlfriends, Rose, parents out in their house in New York. Chris feels uneasy as strange incidents occur while he is out visiting Rose’s family and begins to wonder what is the root of the issue. Rose’s mom, Missy, who is a hypnotherapist puts Chris into a trance and out of existence. Chris cannot distinguish what is the reality that he is experiencing and uncovers a chilling fact when the family doesn't let him leave. Get Out will have you questioning your own partner and their true motives of being with you. 

A Quiet Place (2018)

A Quiet Place brings both suspense and thrill all in one soundless movie. Taking place in a post- apocalyptic environment, a family must survive against extraterrestrial creatures that have the ability to capture sound and movement. Although these creatures are blind, the family must live without noise and learn to adapt without getting killed. The father and pregnant mother struggle to protect their own kin and the movie showcases their need to be quiet and stealthy. Once their lives are at risk, each individual family member contributes to destroy these creatures and finds peace within their troubles. This film displays an array of emotions and will have you kept quiet until the end. 

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Who doesn’t love Freddie Kruger? The original A Nightmare on Elm Street will have you scared to fall asleep! The film captures the lives of four teens who live on Elm Street and they all experience an unordinary killer in their dreams. This striped sweater, burnt, leather glove killer haunts them in their dreams and manages to escape into their reality. What seems to be fake is indistinguishable in this film and the boundaries between dreams and reality are broken. Considered as one of the greatest horror films ever made, this movie will not disappoint.