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Thoughts on This Season of Grey’s Anatomy

This season of Grey’s Anatomy is one for the books! If you have not caught up with this season, be warned, there are spoilers ahead!!

Teddy is back and pregnant! As a fan for the past year (literally only started watching Grey’s a year ago), I was not a huge fan of Teddy when she was in the last season. I am a really big supporter of Owen and Amelia, but not so much of Teddy and Owen. Last season when Teddy and Owen had that weird get away/stay away in Germany; I did not quite understand the whole controversy. Sure, Owen’s wife had a brain tumor, but his family and friends were practically bullying Owen to leave her. We all know that Teddy is going to have to tell Owen that she is pregnant, I believe it happens in the next episode, but what about Amelia? The Teddy, Amelia, and Owen love triangle is too much for me to handle and, honestly, stress over.

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Next, we have Maggie and Jackson. Upon other beliefs of Maggie and Jackson, I actually really like them together. I feel like they both have lost so much in their lives, so they can understand each other. Unfortunately, I do not understand everyone bagging on Jackson for leaving suddenly. In a real-world experience, someone who’s best friend and mother of his child almost died, a person would need a few seconds to breathe. We see that this season took place right after the season finale where April got married, so we know that it has only been a few weeks, or even a month at the most. As much as I love Grey’s Anatomy, some parts of it are just too made up. There is no reality to it, and if there is, it is very slim.

Meredith Grey. I have gone through seasons of loving her, but also hating her as well. I feel like this season I am a bit in the middle. We have not had any classic Meredith moments this season, and I feel like we need one. Also, I am desperately missing out on some Grey and Karev moments. One thing that has stayed constant throughout the seasons of Grey’s since Derek’s death has been the constant reminder of how much him and Meredith loved each other. Even in this episode, when Teddy was explaining to Meredith how much she felt like she needed to die when she lost someone important to her; Meredith took the chance to say, “Me too.” Meredith also gives us some good insight of what it is like living without a father because the mother made that choice for the baby, and kind of smacked Teddy in the face with it.

As much as I love Grey’s, at the end of the day I am so thankful that I live in reality, and that I can watch this drama once a week on my T.V in my cozy apartment. I love that Grey’s Anatomy has become such a huge T.V show and it is so popular because you can meet anyone, anywhere, and they most likely watch Grey’s also; it is amazing. What do you think? Do you think that Teddy should tell Owen about the baby and let them have a chance at being a real family, or should Teddy keep to herself?

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