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The Importance of Expressing Your Talents

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As college students or young people in general, it is super easy to fall into a cycle of just running through the motions. When it comes to identifying and expressing your talents, it may just be at the bottom of your list. We are following and pursuing majors that align with what we think we want to do, how we think we can make an income and a career, and even what could impact the world. 

As college students, we have a lot of pressure ingrained in us to know everything and have a plan. 

When we are so business-focused that creating and expressing get pushed away.

What are some things you not only enjoy but find yourself “talented” at? Talented doesn’t necessarily need to mean professional. Something may be artistic or beautiful. Something different from your everyday mundane tasks. 

Childhood, before the responsibilities kick in, it is a time of observation. We observe what we like, and how the world works! We figure out what we are drawn to and what we purely enjoy and find JOY in. 

You can easily incorporate fun talents into your day-to-day school and work schedule. This will release endorphins and help bring out the inner child in you. There is something extremely important about connecting with yourself and your talents BEFORE you are able to connect with the world and build relationships.

This is crucial to the way we build our lives and the circle around us. It is a big part of who we connect with, and who we could potentially share our lives with. 

Creating a step-by-step guide to identifying both creativity as well as talent could be helpful. 

The first step would be recognizing your potential and talent. Identify your career aspirations for the future- but more importantly your strengths and talents. How can you use this in your future but also implement this into your day-to-day routine? 

Next, identify what makes you personally unique. What allows you to pop out in a crowd? It is so special to showcase your uniqueness. Is it where you are from or what you do with your free time? Unicycling or singing?

Nurturing and developing your talent is a big part of knowing it. It is important to spend time and dedicate positive energy to growing in your talents. 

Express your talents and finally make a list of the things you are good at and the people who support you. A dream board or list of goals will do the trick! Add things that make you feel creative, relaxed, and open to the world’s greatness. Be open to exploring the potential you have, and give yourself more credit about how much talent you hold just being you! If we spend more positive energy doing things we actually enjoy, then this life could be a much happier place!

Hi! My name is Savanna Kerr. I was born in Hawaii/grew up in Seattle. I attend GCU and I am studying professional writing and psychology. I was previously a journalist and eventually head editor for my school newspaper in high school called The Kolus. I am looking forward to being on this team!
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