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What you Will need

  1. Mystic Chai mix
  2. 9-12 oz of hot coffee
  3. Your choice of milk/creamer

Optional Ingredients

  • Whipped cream
  • Cinnamon sugar
  • Milk frother 
  • Ice

Now that Fall is officially here, the weather is getting a little colder. It is time to get settled in with a nice warm and cozy drink. I am a huge fan of Dirty Chai lattes, but I am a bigger fan of staying home. So what better way to use my time than to learn how to make the best Dirty Chai latte at home.

I remember one day it was cold and I knew I needed a warm drink. I didn’t want just coffee, and sometimes hot chocolate doesn’t do it for me. Then I remembered my mom had brought home a chai mix called “Mystic Chai” and BOOM! I knew I needed to master the perfect at-home Dirty Chai.

The Steps

I use a Keurig, but whatever you use to make your hot coffee will work as well:)

Grab either milk, half and half or heavy whipping cream (I like to use the Natural Bliss Sweet Cream creamer). Fill your choice of milk just enough to cover the bottom of the cup and then add a splash more. 

(Pro tip: If you put your creamer in the cup before you brew your coffee, it mixes in for you)

Then what you are going to want to do is make a 9-12oz cup of hot coffee.

Mystic Chai gives directions for regular chai that is made with hot water, but I just use coffee instead of water.

You are then going to want to get one whole scoop of the chai mix and add that to your coffee, mix that up, and then I like to add a half a scoop for some extra flavor. And then you will have the PERFECT Dirty Chai!

Spicing Things up

If you want to get fancy you can always add some whipped cream topped with cinnamon sugar.

But if you are an elite at-home barista, grab your milk frother, favorite flavored creamer and make some homemade soft top.

Cappuccino Natali Misiri
Original photo by Natali Misiri

Ballin’ on a budget

Another way to spice up your Dirty Chai is by putting it over ice. Iced Dirty Chai is a fantastic way to get your coffee fix while enjoying the delicious spice of the chai as well!

If you are a college student looking for a way to save money, learning how to make this fall drink could save you some money so you aren’t going to buy a coffee everyday. Learning to make your favorite drinks while being a broke college student is the way to go.

With living in a dorm, learning to make this cozy fall drink could be a great way to connect with your roommates! This would be a great opportunity to connect with your new “family.” Picture a girls night spent making Dirty Chai and watching a fun movie that fits the fall aesthetic. And if your roommates are not into coffee you could always just make them a regular chai latte:) 

So remember to make yourself (and others) this fun fall drink!

Hi! My name is a Mollie writing has always been a huge passion of mine and I use it as an outlet to get all my feelings out. Some of my favorite things to do is spending all my money at Trader Joes, listening to music, singing, and drinking WAY too much coffee.