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There are many good books on the market currently, and with the start of fall and Halloween coming up soon it’s the perfect opportunity to transition from rom- com books to something with more twists and turns. These are my top five reads for the season. 

  • Verity by: Coleen Hoover.

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise for those of you who are on the reader’s side of tik tok. Coleen Hoover is one of the most popular authors in the new adult genre. She can take a simple concept and build it into something with substance.

Verity is the story of a young aspiring author who takes on a job sorting out a successful author’s work because she can barely make ends meet. Little does she know the author that she’s now working for has an autobiography that no one was supposed to see among those papers. Young Lily comes across the autobiography and discovers secrets that would shake the world if exposed to the public. This novel is a beautiful crossover between the genres of thriller, mystery and romance. A very good read for this eerie fall season. 

  • The Art of Racing in The Rain by: Garth Stein. 

Fall is a season of change. The leaves change color, school starts to shift its focus onto midterms and finals, the weather starts to cool down and much more.

This novel is the perfect one to address change. It is told from the perspective of a dog observing his owner throughout the years. As his owner endures many different challenges the dog is there by his side through it all. If you want a good cry, this book is for you. 

  • The Silent Patient by: Alex Michaelides

This mystery/thriller novel keeps readers on their toes throughout the entirety of the book. It follows a patient that has gone mute after a traumatic event. It also follows the psychiatrist who swears he’s going to get her to speak.

This dual- perspective book is perfect for October. It’s not necessarily a scary book, but some of the content covered will keep individuals on edge. If you’re looking for an unpredictable mystery, then this novel is for you. 

  • Wuthering Heights by: Emily Bronte

The list wouldn’t be complete without a tragic love story. This classic novel takes place in 1800s England in the eerie Moors. It is the tale of Catherine and Heathcliff. Their love story is very complex, and the writing style of Emily Bronte adds to it and makes it one of the best love stories ever written.

This novel is perfect for fall because of the grim atmosphere that surrounds love. When people think of love, they think rainbows and butterflies. This novel is the opposite of that. It shows the nitty gritty side of love, and the lengths people are willing to go to for the ones they love. 

  • Frankenstein by: Mary Shelly

Last but not least, comes another classic novel. Frankenstein is the stereotypical symbol of Halloween, but what many people don’t know is that the tale that everyone has heard about is not how the original book went.

This horror novel is perfect to get people in the Halloween spirit. Halloween is a holiday where everyone dresses up as something they aren’t. It’s the one day that people can be whatever they please. Frankenstein’s creation spends the whole novel wishing he could be something other than himself. Though this book is classified as a horror novel, when you look beneath the surface it’s so much more than a scary story. 

Hey! My name is Ana Marie (pronounced like Anna from Frozen.) I love to spend time outdoors in God’s creation. I also love watching sunsets and looking at the stars. Other than being outside, I am super passionate about books and literature in general!
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