A Stride For Balance

College is a great opportunity to learn how to balance your academics, job, friends, and family. Living a healthy lifestyle will drastically improve your academic performance and well-being. Here are a few simple and effective tips on how to remain healthy throughout the school year:


Let’s face it, college bathrooms are filthy. Whether you are sharing a bathroom with a roommate or using a communal one, it is a one-way ticket to germ town. To avoid setting your toothbrush down on the grimy sink, place a tooth brush cap over the top of your brush to repel the germs. Not only are they cheap, but they usually come in packs of four, so they will conveniently last you throughout the entire school year.

Anti-bacterial wipes will be your hero during the year. Before using the sink, wipe down the faucet and surface to kill germs that linger.

Wash cloths and towels become germ habitats if they are not washed regularly. Make sure to make time once a week to do your laundry and get those towels clean!


If you are in a dorm, then you will know that your bed will be the place where you not only sleep, but eat, study, and lounge too. Since dorm rooms are typically small, it is a wonderful idea to make your bed daily. This will make the room look tidy and attractive to your guests.

Pillowcases are notorious for holding oils left from your skin. These oils can clog your pores and cause acne. Wash your pillowcase once a week, and you will thank yourself for it later.


Water is one of the most overlooked yet imperative necessities to have in college. It is easy to be tempted by all of the sugary sodas that surround you in the dining hall; however, these types of drinks will leave you feeling bloated and unmotivated. All of the soda dispensers have a water option. Grab a water bottle and fill it up with the free water and ice. This will not only quench your thirst, but will save money on your meal plan also.

To avoid the freshman fifteen, it is crucial to stock up on fruits and vegetables. Many restaurants and markets on campus sell fruit and veggies. You can divide them up and put them into sandwich bags. This makes it easy to grab a quick and healthy snack before heading to class.


Many college students do not get the amount of sleep needed to maintain a heathy lifestyle. Your body is not built to pull all-nighters to study for a big exam. Without sleep, you will have trouble focusing in class, which could lead to receiving lower grades. Sleep goes along with time management; take time out of your day to take a short nap or to relax. Try to aim for 7-9 hours consistently every night, to make your days run smoother. If you are still having trouble, try taking natural sleep aids, such as melatonin to help you catch some z’s.

Exercise is also essential to staying healthy. I have never been a fan of the gym, however, there are ways to stay active without going there. In Phoenix, swimming is a great way to burn some calories, stay cool, and hang with friends. Hiking during the cooler months is also a refreshing way to get off campus and to sweat off toxins.


As a freshman, it can be intimidating to get out of your dorm and make new friends. Chances  are, they are in the same boat as you. You only get to experience college once, so attend those hall gatherings. Even if they seem a little cheesy, you might establish friendships that will last a lifetime. Be adventurous, attend games and events, and remember to have fun!


If you are undergoing home sickness, reach out to a friend who is going through a similar situation. Call your family and FaceTime them to see how they are doing. For the first semester, it will be difficult to be away from home, but it is also an essential part of growth and independence. Remember to laugh often and take care of yourself!