Steffany Gretzinger’s Blackout Album

“You can’t turn out a light, shining from the inside”, these are just a few powerful lyrics that are displayed in Steffany Gretzinger’s new solo album Blackout. As a lead singer for Bethel music, she has always had a knack for touching the hearts of others through worship. The Blackout album is different from her past albums. Each song tells a vulnerable story of Steffany’s growth with God. 

She allows God to flood her life with His strength. This allows Steffany to effortlessly write songs because God has given her the wisdom to write authentic lyrics. With haunting, yet beautiful sounds, each song magnificently explains how we as humans are flawed, and how God’s love will be a consistent source of light, even in a blackout. Christians seek clarity and understanding from God. She admits that it is not always easy to willingly open up to God in order to seek His wisdom. Through love, perseverance, trust, and patience, God will continue to make progress in everything that He creates. 

In the “Making of BLACKOUT Music Video”, Steffany confidently explains, “these songs have all come out of the season where the Lord is teaching me to dance while the tears stream down my face. I found a confidence that I have never had before.” Everyone walks through seasons where things become difficult. Often times there is a discrete brokenness within people that might be unrecognizable at first. There is a pattern in her songs that His perfect love with mend things that are broken and worn out. It is a chance for people to lay down their fears and frustrations at the cross. 

“It is a very confident sound; it is not trying to please anyone”, Steffany states humbly. She does not seek the attention of others, but rather God. At first, Steffany seemed hesitant to share this album with the world because it is was personal to her. However, she mentions that God clearly spoke to her that she had to share the album because it will instill more confidence in her as an artist. The album is also an outstanding way to touch the hearts of millions. 

Steffany writes simple lyrics that have a deep meaning. In the song “Oxygen”, she sings “you see strength in every movement, baby steps and short breaths, everything is progress. You sustain my every moment.” He is the source of our every movement in each moment of our lives. This song tenderly paints a vivid picture of how beautiful it is to be alive in the presence of God. With sounds of nature such as birds chirping and waves rolling over the shore, this song reminds us of God’s beautiful creations. 

From planned songs to spontaneous worship, the Blackout album will spark inspiration and speak truth into lives. With beautiful verses and catchy choruses, these songs will be on repeat on your phone and provide you with reassurance of how God loves. Steffany captures her vulnerable moments with God through worship and shares her emotional experiences with us, making Blackout one of the most phenomenal albums ever released.