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Spring Forward With These 5 Self-Care Tips

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With spring right around the corner, I always like to get into a good cleaning/organizing schedule for my personal life and everything around me. However, figuring out where to start can take time and effort. Luckily, I have some tips to help you start that “end of the season” declutter and get everything back on track for spring break.

Clean out, Throw out

Every few months or so, I like to go through everything in my room and ensure that the stuff there is still needed or if I still want it. For example, I like to go through my desk, throw away any old papers or pens that don’t work, and rearrange everything. Then I go to my closet and get rid of any clothes I don’t like, don’t want to wear, or don’t fit in anymore. By getting rid of things you do not need, you can physically clear up more space in your room and leave room for something new or more required in your life. 

Daily Routine

A daily routine is crucial to ensure your steps are done every morning, day, or evening. For example, make sure to take the dog out, clean the kitchen once a week, and do laundry – whatever you need to do daily. This helps you keep on track for everything and ensures you get the tasks you need to do daily, complete, and set away.


Journaling may seem like a cliche or an overused statement, but it works. Journaling can come in a lot of different forms. Free writing can be one, where you write what’s on your mind, your feelings, what happened that day, etc. Or journals with small prompts are an excellent way for people who aren’t sure what they want to discuss. I love those journals personally – they make me think about what the prompt is asking and typically give me a different perspective on what I want to talk about or what is happening. Some good prompts include describing what you are grateful for and what you will do this week to make yourself feel loved.


Mindfulness is a great way to clear your mind, especially during midterms. Mindfulness can be practiced in many ways, but I like using meditation apps, listening to calm, quiet music, and painting. Mindfulness can look different to people in many ways, but finding something that fits and relaxes you helps greatly!

Quality Time

Spring break is a perfect time to connect with friends and family. Especially if you live far from home, returning to see the people you love is an ideal way to say hi and connect with everyone again. Human connection is essential, and seeing them any chance you get is crucial. You will appreciate it!

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The beginning of spring can be a time of calm and relaxation, not just partying and stress. By practicing mindfulness and finding calm, you will have a soothing spring break!