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Song of the Week: Ezra Glatt’s Bittersweet Single “Pathways” Portrays Love, Loss, and Peace

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Oftentimes, some of the greatest songs elicit feeling from the first note. The best artists are the ones that can translate their emotions through the sound of their voice, instrumentals, and ambience. A great song can paint a picture in the listener’s mind—one they can personally relate to or understand. With vulnerability and intimacy, Ezra Glatt’s “Pathways” tells the story of loving someone and learning how to deal with their absence. It is a reflective portrayal of life beyond someone else and learning how to fill the prominent emptiness after they are gone.

Upon first listening to the song, there is a sense of nostalgia yet comfort. Glatt shows a wonderful depiction through his fingerstyle guitar and distant harmonies. There also is an undeniable sense of realization and peace that comes within his reflection.

I lay for hours on your bedroom floor

Tracing rivers down your spine

You told me love is nothing special

It’s only pathways in your mind

Oh Avalon, wake me up when spring has come

I’m having trouble getting through the year

Oh Avalon, although you’ll never hear this song

I just wanted you to know that I’m still here

I’m still here

I’m still here

Released on March 4th, 2022; “Pathways” is Glatt’s first single that is available on all platforms. Though he has previously released music through Bandcamp and YouTube, “Pathways” is his first song to be released on Spotify. Additionally, he has both a lyric and official video on YouTube. According to his Spotify profile, Glatt is a self-produced artist who dropped out of college to fully pursue music. Within his own basement studio is where all the magic happens. With influences from artists like Nick Drake and Sufjan Stevens, he is certainly contributing to the alternative folk community.

“Pathways” not only shows introspection but the comfort that comes from it. Within Glatt’s questioning he realizes that this “Avalon” may have been right about love. While he is having these realizations, he touches on his struggles in finally understanding what she meant.

Do you remember on that road trip

Under the gray Virginia skies?

You told me love is but a weakness

A future heartache in disguise

Oh Avalon, how I wish that you were wrong

But now I realize that you were right

Glatt is remembering a moment where he was told that love is only preparation for future sorrow. A fleeting feeling that will only lead to heartache. Though the lyrics show internal turmoil, Glatt’s soft vocals and instrumentals show a coming feeling of serenity—an answer to an unresolved question.

Oh Avalon, how I miss you now you’re gone

It’s hard to watch you fade into the night

Then the resolution of—

Oh Avalon, although you’ll never hear this song

I just wanted you to know that I’m still here

Not only does “Pathways” show the artist’s cycle of emotions but it illustrates a sense of settling into the person’s absence. Glatt ends the song with an echoing repetition of the words “I’m still here”. Though there is still emotional conflict, the song resolves in a sense that even with the absence of a loved one, the person left behind still cherishes their words and values them as a person. Though there may have been disagreements or misunderstandings, there will always be remembrance. Grieving the loss of someone doesn’t mean you forget them—but it also doesn’t mean you hold on to them forever. Glatt describes the perfect balance between remembering someone’s impact on your life while being able to accept that they are gone. He is singing to Avalon and though she will never hear it, it is a sign of gratitude that leaves him comfort.

Glatt’s evident storytelling will be impactful to the folk industry and inspire many artists to come. “Pathways” is only the start and as an and emerging artist, he is definitely someone to look out for.

Support Ezra through his social media platforms @ezraglattmusic and stream “Pathways” on all music platforms.

Here’s to happy listening!

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