Sisterhood at GCU

This past Wednesday, 22 girls gathered in Papago’s courtyard for a first annual Back to School Bash of food, games, prizes, and a time to mingle with other Lady Lopes.  GCU’s Her Campus chapter geared up for a great year and is looking forward to spreading its name around the campus.  GCU doesn’t have Greek Life, but through Her Campus girls can connect and meet new “sisters” by being a part of this community.  Whether you’re on the social media team with Jessica, coordinating events with Lisa and Shannon, or writing and editing with Lily and Victoria, you can get involved and find a safe place to hangout with GCU’s Her Campus.  Started by GCU seniors Shannon Stovall and Victoria D’Angelo, this chapter of Her Campus knows how to put on a girl-powered event that has launched GCU’s version of a sorority.


It’s no secret that college is a time of growth in all aspects of life.  From expanding one’s knowledge in the classroom to handling a job or internship and gaining real world experience, college is one of the best ways to meet people and be a part of something.  Learning from those who are in the same boat as you, as well as those who have graduated and are now big girls in the workforce, Her Campus provides girls with an easy way to make connections, network, and simply have fun.  Building a community of strong, smart, empowered girls on GCU’s campus is what this Her Campus chapter is all about.  Looking around at the girls at the Back to School Bash, it was obvious that this chapter is diverse and those participating in it can learn from each girl’s background and experiences in life so far.  That’s another awesome thing about Her Campus:  you meet people you probably wouldn’t meet anywhere else on campus. 

 This “sorority” like organization provides an awesome opportunity to join a sisterhood that is filled with a variety of girls that share the common goal of empowerment.  Helping one another through this short time where so much happens builds lifelong friendships.  If you’re looking for a way to connect and make a difference, join Her Campus!