Sierra Burgess is NOT Realistic

By: Angelina Pranger


The new Netflix Romcom, “Sierra Burgess is a Loser,” is taking social media by storm. Whether it be the critics or Romcom lovers, the movie is getting heated reactions.


The overall movie follows a girl, Sierra, who feels like an outcast. She is considered to be “nerdy” and not the definition of “popular” or “beautiful.” Like the majority of movies in high school, there is a mean girl: Veronica. Veronica will say and do whatever she can to hurt others. Her biggest target? Sierra.


Viewers are instantly drawn back into high school (where many wish even their memories would not linger to) and forced to watch this awful movie where the main character goes as far as faking she is deaf, to catfishing a guy into falling for her.


Obviously there are some good components of this movie; however, it seems like the negative outweigh the positive.


Below is a list of things that make this movie completely unrealistic and unbearable to watch.


1.    She CATFISHES a Guy Into Falling For Her


I get that no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, but how does one go about FAKING an identity so a guy will like her? Initially, a fake relationship was founded on a lie. There can literally be nothing worse.

2.    Sierra Pretends to be Deaf


Sierra, terrified to talk to the guy who she has been catfishing, when forced by her friend into an awkward interaction pretends to be deaf so he will not hear her voice. The most awkward part? The boy’s brother is deaf! Can you say, offensive to the deaf community?


3.    Sierra Kisses Jamey Without His Consent

This has got to be one of the most uncomfortable scenes in cinematic history. Okay, that is dramatic, but it was bad. Veronica basically DEMANDS Jamey to keep his eyes closed so that Sierra can come out from hiding under a car (dramatic, right?) and kiss him. The entire time he is thinking he kissed Veronica. Wonder what would happen if this happened but it was a guy kissing the girl without her knowledge…?


4.    Sierra & Veronica Become Best friend’s

Okay, so the girl who hated the other girl ends up going to her with a broken heart and the need for a shoulder to cry on? Hmm… sounds weird. These two girls went from enemies to best friends in a matter of weeks and it seems very unlikely that this would EVER happen in real life. Mean girls RARELY change in a matter of days.


5.    Sierra Lives Happily Ever After

After catfishing Jamey, lying to her friend, and humiliating/bullying Veronica in front of the whole school, Sierra is forgiven in the end (yay, NOT!). Sierra ends up getting Jamey to take her to homecoming, Veronica to forgive her, and her friend acting like she never totally ditched him throughout the entire movie. If only it was that easy to come back from one’s mistakes.


Overall, the movie was a 1/10. Unrealistic, boring, and offensive, it is something that should be passed up. The 1 point is for Noah Centineo because he was dreamy in “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.”