The government shutdown has taken the world by storm and without exception as it is the entire country of America at stake here. The government shutdown was enforced by President Trump on December 22, 2018 and has continued into the new year. This is not the first time that the government has shutdown, however, it is the longest one in the history of time. So, if Trump was trying to go down in the history books for something he accomplished it. What exactly does a government shutdown entail and what was the cause? The government was shut down for reasons relating to the infamous wall that no one can seem to agree on. Trump states that once everyone can agree for accurate precautions to be taken when approaching border security, the government will regain its conjoined nature but at this rate no one can know when that will occur again.

This shutdown has affected everything from state parks to the education system. Many people do not realize how many individuals have government jobs and how important those jobs are until they are absent. Postal workers, state park officers, teachers, and the IRS are all examples of individuals hit by the government shutdown. State parks have begun to shut down because of loss of funding the officers are not working, the bathrooms are left empty, and the parks themselves are trashed because there is no one to help contain these areas. Some of the greatest places America has to offer are closed due to this shutdown leaving visitors angry and concerned for the condition. The American education system has been compromised as background checks are having trouble being completed due to the lack of workers being able to process the amount of paperwork that is coming in. Classrooms are being left with an overfill of students and teachers are left with lack of resources in trying to handle a workload meant for two. Although the IRS has not completely been shut down, there is talk about whether or not the shutdown will affect tax returns for the past year. Like everything else these workers have been cut and there is an extended amount of work to be done that is put on the workers left behind leaving them no time to process everyone’s returns in time.

The public is not happy with the decisions being made on the country seeing as the common people have to suffer the consequences of such a large shutdown even though they are not the individuals who implemented such an idea. The common public is suffering, students, teachers, and families on the whole are all left to deal with the outcomes of the government shutdown. No one knows how long this will last or what it will mean for the country when the president decides to lift this major issue. Concerns are left unanswered, and as a country the future is not looking bright unless individuals begin to speak up about what is happening and talk about the issues at hand.*455/shutdown+Architect+of+the+Capi...