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Proud to be a Disney Woman

The 2000s were the golden years for Disney Channel. The TV shows were full of meaning, humor, and all around excellence. Primarily, it provided entertainment that inspired girls to grow up to be women. Five Disney characters in particular gave me life goals that I strive to achieve even today. I want to…

Grow in confidence like Lizzie

Lizzie enters school barely being able to look at heartthrob Ethan Craft, but with her friends and family her boundaries are pushed. She learns that she can’t do everything on her own, but needs her loved ones with her. Problems came her way, but with each one Lizzie learned hard life lessons that made her strong. By the end of the show not only is she friends with Ethan Craft, but she has moved on and ready to take on the world. 

Achieve like Ren

When watching “Even Stevens” it is easy to see the humor of the mischievous Louis and his “perfect” sister Ren. But Ren pushed herself to be the best, she tried everything and worked hard to excel in it. Her relationship with Louis grows in the show and she even achieves to be a great sister. Ren taught me to strive, to apply myself, and not to lose myself in the process.

Have friends like Raven

The future is hard to know, and Raven showed that no matter how hard you try, it’s hard to change. The one thing you can count on is friends, and she had a couple of good ones: Eddie and Chelsea. They were there for Raven as she tries to prevent events occurring. 

Be a friend like Keely

Having friends is one thing, being a friend is another. Imagine meeting a boy name Phil and his family who traveled through time and history, but wound up here in our time zone. Keely showed what it looks like to be a high quality friend who is willing to keep a huge secret and stick up for Phil. Keely gave an example of what how to be a loyal friend, and how to always be there for the ones you love.

Fight like Kim 

Ninja, crime fighting genius, and a cheerleader. Who didn’t want to grow up to be this redhead? Kim Possible is a show that should still be aired on TV as it revealed to girls someone who overcame struggles and believed everything was possible. Not to mention her sidekicks, the loveable Ron Stoppable and the rockstar Rufus. The best thing about Kim is that she was humble and kind despite how great she was. I still want to grow up to be Kim Possible!! 

With role models like Lizzie, Ren, Raven, Keely, and Kim I have grown up to be confident, driven, full of good friends, a good friend, and fighting for a better me. The best part of all of these girls is that they are not perfect, but they become the best they could. I am proud to be a Disney woman, and I wish that Disney would re-air these shows so that this new generation of girls can be Disney women too.

Hailing from the wondrous land of Colorado, I grew up with the aspiration of being a great Veterinarian. Senior year of high school I realized being a Vet would mean 12 more years of school. Currently I'm a senior at GCU and will be graduating with my Communication degree. The goal is to be a journalist who travels around the world writing articles, the reality surrounding me now is different, but full of surprises. Random adventures, the gym, anything outdoors, Netflix, coloring books, friends, family, and glorifying God are what gets me up in the morning.
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