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Pro Tip: Don’t Let Second Semester Get the Best of You

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GCU chapter.

For most college students, second semester has steamrolled ahead of us. The second semester of the year is often more grueling and tiring. Let’s be real; everyone wants it to be spring break already. Unfortunately, we have an extra day this February, along with a number of weeks of classes after that, depending on your school. It’s hard to keep yourself motivated, and most of the time we feel like our bodies are on autopilot. Here are some ideas to help you make the rest of the semester your best one yet:

Schedule work and free time accordingly

It’s always a good thing to plan out your week. I like to write out my tasks for the day on a sticky note as a reminder of what I’d like to get done for the day. I also have a calendar where I write out events for the week. I’ve noticed that when I don’t plan things out, I get stressed when I inevitably end up leaving something for the last minute or when I don’t have time to hang out with a friend. Make sure you have important plans written out so nothing gets forgotten. 

Don’t isolate yourself

Nothing good ever comes from isolating yourself in your room for hours, days, or even weeks. Trust me, your mental health will thank you for being around others. If possible, bring some headphones to a nice study spot where your peers are to get some work done. If that doesn’t work for you, make sure to give yourself time with others when you are not studying.

Reward yourself after reaching a milestone

It’s not a bad thing to reward yourself after completing a long study session, exam, or project. Set goals for yourself and reward yourself with a treat when you reach it. This is a great way to motivate yourself to finish something that you don’t want to do.

Stay ahead of schedule

No one likes the feeling of leaving an assignment until the last few hours before it’s due on a Sunday night. There are few feelings better than getting a hard assignment done ahead of time. I’ve learned from experience that you’ll save yourself stress, instability, and frustration when you stay ahead of schedule.

Try out a new study habit

Studying may go down in history as the main activity no one ever wants to do. Unfortunately, studying is important if you want to get a good grade. This is especially true in college if you have tougher professors. Think back to the first semester and find ways to improve your study habits, possibly even picking up a new one. Maybe this means writing out useful information more than once, creating flashcards and study guides, or planning out specific times per day to study for a class. 

While you’re at it, think about what really didn’t work for you. Maybe you aren’t one for using Quizlet, or you don’t like studying non-stop for hours (I didn’t). Regardless of what it is, change things up. 

Finish out the rest of the semester strong in ways you can look back on and be proud of. College can be hard, so don’t make it harder for yourself than it needs to be. 

Rebecca enjoys talking about niche pop culture topics that make her laugh. She tends to think she's pretty funny. When she's not scouring the internet for a few laughs, she's reading a fantasy book, or writing stories. She loves drinking coffee and tea, and is working on a Behavioral Health Science degree.