Phoenix Lights

It is no question that this school year is coming to an end, and a quick one for that matter. Because of the long summer vacation approaching (not complaining AT ALL, because I am going to be missing the blazing Arizona sun at its ultimate prime), it called for a last minute, wild adventure to Arizona’s Phoenix Lights!

Many of the friends I have made here at Grand Canyon University are from a different state than I am, so we decided a last-minute trip to this local rave both Saturday and Sunday was going to be one of the many ways we were going to go out with a bang. About a day and a half before the event we decided we were going to go, and with that came raving on a budget! We borrowed bodysuits, fishnets, glitter, makeup from one another to get ready for the event, and even hitched a last-minute ride to get there. When we arrived, we were filled with nothing but pure excitement, and we were not even inside the venue yet! Music was blasting in the car, we were stretching out our necks in preparation for the long night of head-banging ahead of us with the windows down, and sun setting, because the night was only just beginning.

Once we arrived inside, we went crazy! We danced the night away until 2 in the morning! The lights, visuals, and music were absolutely amazing. There was not a dull moment, beat, or song throughout the entire night. And the same went for Saturday. We saw so many great artists such as Excision, and Whipped Cream.

Overall, it was quite the experience, and would without a doubt do it all over again. This showed me that sometimes you just have to not think, and do, because it will lead to the greatest adventures, and create so many memories. We all pinky swore, which everyone knows is the highest form of promising, we would make this our tradition here throughout our experience at Grand Canyon University.