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A Phoenix Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, with the weather finally cooling down in here Arizona. It isn’t snowing here in Phoenix, but it’s under 80 degrees.

With the weather cooling down, it is only normal for one to want to sip on some hot cocoa, go see Christmas lights, and sing along to Christmas songs. For those that are feeling homesick, it can also be a great way to get in the Christmas spirit and to remember, just because one is away from home, does not mean one cannot be spirited. Here are the best places to go in Phoenix to get in the holiday spirt.

1. Phoenix Zoo Lights

The Phoenix Zoo has lights nightly from November 22, 2017- January 14 2018. Debating on the date, ticket prices vary, but guests can expect to experience things such as festive food and drinks, photos with Santa Clause, along with Carousel and Camel Rides. For more information make sure to check out their site at http://www.phoenixzoo.org/event-items/zoolights/

2. Lights of the World

The Arizona State Fairgrounds is hosting “Lights of the World” which has over 10 million lights in the heart of Downtown Phoenix. The dates are November 16, 2017- January 2, 2018 and tickets are $18 for adults. Discounted tickets are available at Phoenix Walgreens. For more information, you can visit their site at https://lightsoftheworldus.com

3. Glendale Glitters Spectacular Weekend

Although not specifically in Phoenix, every Friday and Saturday the city offers fun activities, concerts, food, and horse-drawn carriage rides. It is sure to bring the kid out in everyone.

4. Illumination Symphony of Light

Phoenix gives residents a Christmas dream with its drive-through holiday spectacular that contains millions of lights. The lights are synchronized with holiday music, and is sure to get viewers into the Christmas spirit. For ticket information and times visit their website at https://illuminationaz.com

5. Cherry Lane

In Mesa, a neighborhood goes all out on Cherry Lane. Enjoy gorgeous Christmas lights that the can be either a date night or a fun family extravaganza.

6. Get a tree for your dorm/ apartment

Walmart has trees for as little as $20. It is a great way to get your roommates together to celebrated the holiday season! Put on some Christmas tunes, make some hot cocoa, and decorate a Christmas tree.

7. Hallmark & Chill

If you just can’t be spending money on Christmas outings, a great idea is to gather your friends and watch some Hallmark Christmas movies. Put on your comfy fuzzy socks and Christmas pajamas, and cuddle with some hot chocolate.

8. Volunteer at a Local Shelter

The Holidays are all about giving back, and being thankful. If your feeling like giving back to the community, reach out to organizations such as food banks in the area or get involved with Operation Christmas Child. Below are a few links to shelters in the area.




9. Make Time for Family & Friends

The holidays are a great time to take a break from the business of life and really reach out to those who you may have grown distant from and surround yourself with loved ones. It is going to be beneficial, and really put one in the Christmas spirit.







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