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November is here and while many are obsessing a little too early, I might add, over the Christmas season, Thanksgiving is this month. Arguably the best holiday, this one is easily skipped over or forgotten, but incorporating a few friends and some turkey can be a great excuse to get everyone together before students go home for the holidays. 


Thanksgiving is a holiday for the books, honestly. Plenty of food, plenty of joy, and plenty of good times. This holiday is often spent around family or loved ones, but for those of us who cannot be with family during the holiday, due to work, school, or travel, Friendsgiving is a great way to incorporate the holiday spirit and the thankfulness without missing out! 

Friendsgiving means that you can gather all of your friends and prepare for games and good food. As fun as this holiday may be, it can be stressful to plan a big dinner to get everyone together, coordinate schedules, and prepare dinner on top of all of that. A great way to relieve putting all the stress of Thanksgiving dinner on one person is to have everyone bring a dish to the party. This way you get to try many different dishes and spread the work around. A group chat can help coordinate everyone and dates that are good for them and prevent people from bringing the same dish! 

As great as the food is, there is plenty more to do on Friendsgiving than eat. A good game of football always seems to inspire the people. The great American pastime has become a Thanksgiving tradition and in turn a Friendsgiving tradition. The game offers everyone to get together and work up an appetite before the big meal while also encouraging some laughs and good memories. Card games are also a great way to let food settle before pie and keep the night going. End the night with some pie and unforgettable memories. 

The holidays can be hard being away from your family but having people close to you can help offer comfort and peace. Even if you do have a family Thanksgiving, a Friendsgiving never hurts to have all the people you hold closest to you, surrounded by good food and good times. 

Friendsgiving offers an excuse to take time from your busy schedule, gather your loved ones, and eat a good meal. Friendsgiving offers a day off from stressing about school, work, or personal problems and just living in the moment with those who know you best. It is a great way to connect and unplug from the outside world. Whether your Friendsgiving be held in an apartment living room, in a house with the best dining table, or even outside on a lawn, as long as it is spent in the company of the best people you know it is never a wasted holiday. So, eat, play, and enjoy the upcoming Friendsgiving and all those to come to pass. Wishing you and yours a great and jolly holiday season. 

Senior at Grand Canyon University double majoring in Communications and English with an Emphasis in Professional Writing.
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