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You first entered into a place with thousands of strangers- all of whom are there with one goal in mind, to graduate and earn a degree. These strangers soon became your classmates, roommates, best friends, and lifelong friends. The once massive campus you swore you would never find your classes in, quickly becomes familiar and begins to feel like home.

You know it too well- the hiding spot you found to get away from the noise, maybe cry on the phone to your parents, the meeting places your friend group has in between classes, the study spot you spend countless hours in, the spot you and your friends would stay in until 2 am laughing away at everything. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of your last year, the excitement of final adventures, you quickly began to realize the life you created for yourself on this campus, the family you’ve formed, and memories you’ll live with forever. You start to realize in a few short months, you’ll have to leave your home away from home and the amazing community you surround yourself with. Life is happening and it’s all coming to a close much sooner than you would prefer.

Somehow, you found yourself at the end of one of the greatest experiences a person in their 20’s can face. Four years can hold so many sentimental things, laughter, tears, grief, love; and if you’ve done it right, a life-long of cherished memories and people. Beginning this journey, you would have never expected yourself to be who you are right now. Fresh out of high school, you had no idea what the future would hold and look where you are now.

The emails of deadlines are pouring in, graduation applications are due, senior pictures need to be taken, midterms and finals are already being discussed, there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day and caffeine in the world to accomplish every task you need done by the end of the week. The concept of graduating college seemed too bizarre and distant, and right about now you’re seemingly going insane just thinking about the upcoming deadline. Beyond the mess of senior year, is an even more daunting feeling of taking on real life and being a real adult. 

I’m not here to preach at you to meet your deadlines, study hard, finish strong, get a 4.0; because I know you already have those words embedded into your brain since the first day of class; I know I do. I’m here to tell you to enjoy your last year. Bask in the glory of being an upperclassman, run wild with your friends, go on long drives, hike a mountain, pull a few more all-nighters, go live it up! Because this is it. This is your final year as an undergraduate student, the last time you’ll be surrounded by all of your closest friends in one area, the last time you’ll sprint to class because you’re late, the last time you’ll present that God-awful twenty-point presentation. Cherish these moments, embrace every moment with the ones you love, take a minute to love the life you’ve created for yourself on this campus. 

Weather you know exactly where life is taking you, or haven’t the slightest clue. It’s all going to be okay, life works in crazy ways and everything works out like it should. 

Soon enough you’ll find yourself in the midst of real life, and you’ll look back at the good ole’ days of undergrad, do your best and make it count. The possibilities are endless, there’s a whole other crazy side of life waiting for you and your friends. 

You’ve made it this far, you’ve got this!

Sincerely, a fellow senior. 

sarai kelley

Arizona '20

My name is Sarai Kelley and I am a 19 year old professional concert photographer of four years. I'm from sunny San Diego, CA but moved to Phoenix, Arizona to pursue a career in psychology at Grand Canyon University; where I am now a senior in the midst of applying to graduate school to earn my doctorate!
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