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Only the “Essentials”

The entire country is on the verge of their seats when it comes to identifying if they should stay home or presume going to work. During the entire month of March, President Trump has been vague on deciding what companies and work forces are considered essential. Governors from each state have taken action and have constructed a list regarding which employees will be able to work. For the citizens of Arizona, it has caused a great dispute on the list of what Governor Ducey had considered “essential workers.” For instance, on the list of essential workers were cosmetologists and nail technicians. This created an uproar because this did not comply with the rules of staying 6 feet apart from individuals. A lot of workers, such as my mom who works in a hair salon, felt unsafe going into work knowing that they might be dealing with people who carry the Covid-19 virus. Individuals believe that Doug Ducey is not taking the acquired actions in order to decrease the numbers of people being infected. 

For instance, Doug Ducey recommended that citizens continue to go outside and enforce them to go hiking and enjoy the wildlife within safe distance. This can be an issue to several individuals because people are over flooding popular spots and not taking the necessary precautions in order to be safe. As a result, this makes the state question if Doug Duceys’ stay at home order is actually helping or hurting the state. As of April 4th, 2020, Doug had modified what is considered  “essential” workers and put cosmetologists and nail technicians off of the list. Not only did this give relief to people, it gave a sense of comfort to those working in salons. Although there are several people without jobs and are scared of what will be, there’s one thing for sure: this virus has brought us together and we appreciate the healthcare workers risking their lives on the front line. It is a difficult time for everyone and people are uniting to combat this virus. With time, I believe there will be a remedy, but everyone should do their part on social distancing and staying home. We will all get out of this together!

Hi, my name is Daisy and I am a senior at GCU. You can always find me drinking coffee and enjoying hanging out with friends! In the midst of all this, I also dedicate my time doing school work and working at a dental office.
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