New York Fashion Week 2019: What To Expect from the Runways

If you are interested in the exciting world of fashion, consider yourself an expert when it comes to styling yourself or your friends, or if you’re just a Gossip Girl fanatic, you know that this week is New York Fashion Week. New York Fashion Week is known globally as one of the most popular and extravagant fashion celebrations in the world, right next to those in London, Paris, and Milan. Thousands of designers, models, celebrities, and fans of fashion gather to see what new creations have come from their favorite designers. New York Fashion Week has helped launch the careers of many designers and models, and an opportunity to  design, walk, or witness it is not one to be taken lightly. To help me break down what to expect this year in the world of fashion, I got help from two fashion students who are making a name for themselves in the New York fashion scene, Samantha MacConnachie and Laurel Kreuter.

After speaking with Sam and Laurel, they shared an inside opinion on the intriguing themes that are showing up in New York this season. This New York Fashion Week, there have been milestones met in the fashion world, Bazaar calling 2019 the most diverse NY Fashion Week in history. What has made the runways so diverse this year is designers choosing models of every size, shape, ethnicity, and gender to represent their products. The result? A fashion week that everyone can feel a part of. The models aren’t the only change capturing attention this NYFW. Laurel mentioned that experimental textures are being used by designers, such as lace, leather, sheer - the more daring, the better.

The more daring, the better

Although vintage has been all the rave in the fashion world in previous years, the main trend making its way to the East coast, according to Sam, is western style. “Exotic animal prints like zebra, cheetah, and tiger prints have been all the rage. Romantic necklines and puff sleeves as well are still making their way on the runway.”

Some honorable mentions need to be made to some specific designers. The Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya show got a lot of buzz in the fashion world. Laurel explained why the show got a great amount of positive feedback. “Zendaya had the show in Harlem and it was a nod back to the 70s fashion scene in that part of NYC back then.” Marc Jacobs gets a shout out for his new campaign that used Instagram models and influencers to help brand the show. Props to the smaller brands too, who Laurel praises for their confidence and “not being afraid to do anything crazy”. And isn’t it the crazy stuff that makes fashion so fun? After all, the Met Gala theme this year was based on Notes on Camp, a 1964 essay by Susan Santag that focused on the unnatural, artifice, and exaggerated expression of fashion.

Even though we aren’t as lucky to have a front row seat to the exciting world of NYFW like Laurel and Sam have, they advise that we use events like NYFW to expand our knowledge and craft. “I have to pay attention to current trends and styles even if they don’t reflect me personally because we are learning about the mass majority.” Sam says. “Paying attention definitely gives you a one up on developing your own take on the current styles or trends. Or even an opinion.”

Big thanks to Sam and Laurel for giving their exclusive lookbook into New York Fashion Week. Make sure to give them a follow on Instagram (@simimacconnachie & @laurel.kreuter) to check out their worlds. The great thing about fashion is that it is always changing and evolving. It shouldn’t be taken too seriously just as it shouldn’t be overlooked. Enjoy it, admire it, and be obsessed with it (in a healthy way, of course!). Happy New York Fashion Week!