New Music Has Arrived From Harry Styles

Fans of the 1D veteran were shocked and faced frenzy following mysterious posters that went up in major cities around the world Wednesday morning. Black posters with big writing asking, “Do You Know Who You Are?” in bold, white letters. Although these posters had no direct tie to Styles, they had the Capitol Records logo printed on them, which is Style’s current record label, and the abbreviation “TPWK” which stands for Treat People With Kindness, a message Harry has been communicating throughout his first world tour. A few hours later, a website was launched on behalf of Harry that generated positive messages to his fans once their name was inserted. The fans have been awaiting new music to follow Styles’ self-titled first album that was released in the summer of 2017, so this teaser promotion left them (or shall I say us!) with a lot of excitement.

This promotion, however, didn’t formally begin with these posters. Last Saturday, Styles tweeted out one word - two letters - that nearly broke the internet. The simple word “Do” was posted from his Twitter account, and fans, journalists, and even celebrities tweeted about the possibility of his return to music. Turns out the whole phrase “Do You Know Who You Are” is a key lyric from his new song.

After finishing his first solo world tour in April 2018, Styles took a break to write music and further focus on his Ambassador status with Italian fashion brand Gucci. His return to music comes at the perfect time. On Friday, October 11th at midnight EST, Styles dropped the music video to his new single “Lights Out”, a sultry, dreamy-sounding bop with an even more dreamy video. Styles shines in a custom Gucci metallic shirt and trouser combo and dances in a group of dazed out lovers under neon lights. Switching between these dance scenes and Styles daringly cruising backwards on a motorcycle, the whole video screams poetic cinema. The song itself measures up with the music video. Styles sings about how sorry he is that things “can’t stay the same” and how he’d rather dance in the dark where no one can see who he really is.

Despite the song and video still being relatively new, this isn’t stopping people from dissecting the meaning of them. Many wonder if this song and video are Styles’ way of officially coming out as bisexual, an idea fans have been contemplating for some time now. Styles made the decision to include both female and male participants in his video, and has stated in the past that he didn’t feel the need to state his sexual orientation. This makes total sense, given how judgmental the industry can be against people being their authentic selves.

Knowing an album will be following this incredible single is the cherry on top of this sweet surprise from Harry. Styles has yet to release any info on when the new album will be coming out, but if it is anything like Lights Out, there is no doubt it will be magical. Great to have you back, Mr. Styles.