Needed: More Leo & Kate Friendships

Since the days of Titanic, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DeCaprio have been the media’s favorite best friend duo. They have been together, fully supportive of one another, and providing us with many tear-jerking moments for the last two decades. I want a friendship like Leo and Kate’s!!!!

Every award show that comes up, and every accomplishment achieved, these two have continued to support and admire one another’s talents. They are both sweethearts, and care for the other to the purest level.

Seriously, look how cute they are.

Other big stars fade away in their friendships with coworkers, but Kate and Leo have stayed strong. Two beautiful people, sharing a beautiful friendship.

Their friendship is not just a media myth; both Kate and Leo have been quoted time and time again affirming their love for the other. Leo has referred to Kate as, “the greatest actress of her time,” and has told many media sources of his undeniable admiration for her as an actress and as a person. Kate has also discussed their relationship, stating that she appreciates the intense level of trust that she and Leo have gained over the years of working and growing together. She openly claims him to be her best friend, and says that it is such a special occasion each time they get to work together.

Though their onscreen chemistry is clear, they have remained “just friends” outside of their roles – something that most onscreen romantic partners find almost impossible to do.

Leo walked Kate down the aisle in her wedding to Ned Rocknroll…excuse me while I go cry my eyes out about the sweetest thing I have ever heard. That alone just goes to show that these two are in it for the long run. They have no hidden agendas, no pointless drama, and no impure intentions; their friendship is 100% honest, supportive, and they truly care about the other’s investment in their lives.

Whenever the other has received a large award, Kate and Leo have been thrilled – their excitement for the other is so sweet! The most prominent example of this is Kate’s reaction to Leo’s long anticipated Oscar win. She was like a proud mother or sister; she was not just happy for him, she was moved to tears.

I’m sure Kate and Leo will continue to provide us with many other photo ops to pull on our heartstrings…and I wouldn’t be upset if they costarred in a few more films as well! Their desire to grow as friends and as professionals, to support each other in good times and bad, and their continuous encouragement of one another is so sweet, and rarely seen in the cutthroat film industry.

We need more friendships like Kate and Leo’s. Not just in Hollywood, but in the everyday world as well! We need friendships that are not out to get one another, to be better than the other, or to only pursue romantic interests. We need honesty, support, and a never-ending bestfriendship. We need people to join our families, to trust, and to admire. With this being said, we need to be intentional and committed in our friendships – we need to be willing to be the Kate to someone’s Leo. Without this commitment from both parties, you’ll find yourself on a sinking ship…even if there is room for two on a nearby floating plank. Find the Leo to your Kate, and hang on tight. That friendship will last a lifetime.