My "Beauty & the Beast" Journey As Told By Leslie Knope

A review of feelings leading up to, during, and after the viewing of Disney's Beauty & the Beast live-action Leslie Knope. 

When they announced the making of Beauty & the Beast

When I saw Emma Watson cast as Belle 

Af the release of the teaser trailer

When my dreams came true and the release date was set

My feelings to the boycotts of Beauty & the Beast 

My response to the "feminist agenda in the film

Premiere day 

Leaning on friends for emotional support during the time leading up to the show time

Disney's theme music playing and the castle being revealed

During the opening song 

Seeing my girl Emma Watson rocking the role 

When you remember how terrible Gaston really is 

When the credits start to roll and I had to face the fact that it ended 

When the casting director, Lucy Bevan, name comes on the screen 

When a friend who didn't make it to the premiere said, "Oh, so you probably don't want to go see it with me tomorrow" 

Beauty & the Beast did a great job of bringing to life the classic tale from the 1991 animation. They didn't destroy the beloved film in any way, but honored it and brought in aspects of the classic French story and the Broadway edition. 

The estimated release date for the DVD is: July 2017