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Meet Alana Mohoroski

Meet Alana, a twenty-year-old, Communications major and southern California native. She enjoys reading, as well as chicken tenders with TONS of ketchup. When Alana is not studying, she is caught with her tablet burying her nose in books. Her guilty pleasure movie is Leap Year, and is always looking for a nearby concert. As a communications major at GCU she is heavily involved with Her Campus as a writer and Campus Correspondent at Her Campus GCU. Alana is heavily involved in empowering young women; she has brought IATG (I Am That Girl) to Grand Canyon. Alana is empowering one woman at a time, check her out!

1. Tell us about “I Am That Girl”

 IATG is a group to promote turning self-doubt into self-love. IATG provides a safe space for young women to be themselves and discuss things that matter.

2. How did you hear about the group

 I previously lived on the NAU campus and joined their chapter through a classmate. After going to one meeting, I was hooked. When I transferred to GCU I knew in my heart I had to bring it here.

3. How do you think it will contribute to GCU?

 I think it will contribute to GCU because it’s something that young women our age need. Sometimes you just want to vent about things going on in a place where you won’t be judged. IATG is that place. So often, girls are pitted against one another – especially in college. IATG is a place to bring girls together to shift girl culture and be the best we can be, together.

4. What are some of the topics you talk about?

We talk about anything and everything. One topic during the month of February was relationships. We talked about the pressure to be in a relationship, signs of a bad relationship, friendships, relationships with ourselves and more. Other topics include self-love, gratitude, social media, and more. Due to recent events in our country, girls have felt like they aren’t appreciated enough. Some girls feel that we no longer have a voice because it’s getting taken away. IATG is that place where we do have a voice and we discuss things that matter, including what’s going on with women in today’s society.

5. What is your experience with “I Am That Girl”?

I joined a year ago, at NAU and remained for the semester. When I transferred to GCU, I contacted the IATG organization to get a chapter started. I have a co-leader who feels just as passionate as I do, which is great. She’s great. It’s nice not doing this alone and sharing your passion with someone as equally passionate. I met the IATG founder, Alexis Jones, a few months back and it was life changing. She was so sweet and so relatable. She made every girl feel welcomed and hearing her speak touched my heart. I haven’t had too long of an experience with IATG, but it’s definitely changed my life thus far.

6. How do you incorporate “I Am That Girl” in everyday life?

 I incorporate IATG in everyday life by remembering what IATG stands for. In moments of self-doubt, I realize I am awesome. Women are awesome. Women, like me, shouldn’t be ignored or put down. Girl culture is going to change because of girls in IATG. Our voice will be heard. I incorporate those thoughts into everyday life when I feel as if I’m being put down or ignored. 

7. What has “I Am That Girl” helped you learn more about?

IATG has helped me learn more about what it means to be a woman. Girls can be mean to each other due to other insecurities or problems, and IATG is working to fix that. IATG has made me more open-minded and kind. When a new girl walks into our meetings, my heart literally feels like it bursts. IATG has helped me accept myself and others. IATG has helped give me a voice. IATG has helped me realize I am a badass, and no one can ever change that.


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