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Love Your Enemies

Many girls are fake. So many of girls will act like your best friend to your face and on social media, but will talk mad crap about you behind your back. I get it, you might not like everyone, but you do have to love each other. There can be a very fine line between loving your neighbor and being fake or “baring false witness” so to speak.

What we need to know is this: Loving each other was so important to God, that He put it in the 10 Commandments. Matthew 12:31 says: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” And God didn’t even just leave it at that. He went on to make sure His followers went above loving their neighbor, and went beyond to “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Matthew 5:41). When someone persecutes us and is mean to us, we do not consider them a friend — we probably don’t even consider then an acquaintance — but they are still our siblings in Christ. It is not ok to be mean to them; it is important to remain nice to them even if it’s tough. But being nice to them doesn’t mean you have to treat them like they’re your best friend. When we don’t get along with someone and we act like we are their best friend, that’s not loving your enemy — it’s baring false witness to them, which violates the 9th Commandment. Baring a false witness, or being fake as we call it, is a sin. You can still love your enemy without trying to be their best friend. It is difficult to find a good balance, but we need to start loving each other truly, not in appearances only. 

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