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Long Distance Shouldn’t Have to End a Relationship

Being in a relationship with a significant other is difficult no matter what. There is no argument about that. The constant need to support and communicate with each other is beneficial for many reasons that are all worth it at some point or the other. You are with that person specifically because there is an interest in each other that is on a deeper and more profound level than just a simple friendship. There is obviously hard work that needs to be put into your relationship, but it takes much more work and commitment when it comes to long distance. The difficulty throughout the whole entire process should not be the main factor that harms your relationship. Instead, it should be a way to build a stronger foundation with your significant others that progresses into the future.

Relationships provide so many people with different insights towards how they view being with someone on a personal level. There are many different types of circumstances that can be the reasoning behind a long distance relationship. Whether it may be because of going to schools in different states, being in a relationship where one is in the military, or a job offer that one cannot pass up on, they are hard work for many different reasons. Finding the time to communicate within your separate and busy lives can be difficult at at times as well. People always say that ‘long distance relationships never work out,’ and while often times a lot of them don’t, there are very many that do end in the best situation possible that makes everyone happy at the end of the day.


Long distance relationships provide so many opportunities that many might not know about. It can bring endless possibilities that allow you to get to know your significant other on a more deeper level, be capable of trusting each other, being openly honest, and are able to appreciate them much more. Yes, it can be very difficult and it may seem as if it is an “inconvenience,” but for the most part, it teaches you so many different lessons than what you were to learn if long distance was not an issue.

Throughout the hard trials of a long distance relationships, there is so much grace and beauty within the whole entire process of your relationship. Being able to commit to someone and love them despite the difficulty and rough patches through your relationship allow for people to flourish within their own lives and become more independent in their own way. The popular saying of ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ becomes evident over time and you are able to understand that things are the way they are for a reason. Long distance relationships should not have to be difficult. If you and your partner both put in the same amount of hard work and commitment into the process, it won’t be as difficult as others claim for it to be.

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