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Let the Holiday Shopping Begin: 3 Businesses Making a Positive Impact

With the holiday season fast approaching, we are all working to figure out that perfect gift for our friends and family. While Amazon and other large retail companies do offer a lot of the things we want along with convenience, there are many other businesses outside of those retailers that offer amazing products and have inspiring stories. So here are some companies that you should consider when getting started on your Christmas shopping.

Blume – Self Care Products

Blume was co-founded by two sisters, Taren and Bunny, who created the business to create products that work to make self-care easier and healthier. The pair also wanted their businesses brand to work against destigmatizing things such as acne, puberty, periods and sex education. They state, “We’re here to protect, nurture, and shift the narrative away from perfect skin and toward healthy skin.” According to the Blume website, 60% of women are able to pinpoint their self-esteem dropping significantly when they hit puberty. Blume wants to build a safe space for the next generations to be able to learn and grow in being their best and most confident selves. A portion of the business’ proceeds from their sales goes to an organization called DaysforGirls, which is working to educate girls around the world about periods and provide them with safe resources that they can rely on. Blume offers a plethora of products such as masks, oils, deodorants and bundles. This can be the perfect gift for someone to make self-care a little more relaxing and fun, while also promoting a positive impact on girls’ lives worldwide.

Frères Branchiaux – Home Fragrance

Frères Branchiaux is based in the Metro Area within Washington DC and is managed by three brothers; Collin (15), Ryan (12), and Austin Gill (10). The brothers wanted more allowance to purchase video games, so the three decided to start their own business. The boys’ mother had attended a candle-making workshop and decided to share those skills with her sons. The brothers worked together over the course of a couple of weeks in developing their candles, considering factors such as to scents, wax and wick combinations. However, they were able to develop their own strategy for their signature candles. Frères Branchiaux takes 10% of their earnings to donate to homeless shelters nationwide in order to leave a greater impact on communities across America. The business sells countless candles along with providing shoppers with bundles, collections and diffuser oils. There is nothing better than coming home from a long day of work or school, lighting a candle, and being able to be in the moment. It is an absolute guarantee that you will find their products just like the Frères Branchiaux company motto says, “Smell it, Light it, Love it.”

Muchacha – Coffee

Muchacha was founded by a woman named Diana Hoyos, who is originally from Medellín, Colombia. One of Hoyos’ passions is women empowerment, or as she puts it, “To serve as the vehicle and channel to give…confidence to as many women as possible.” The business’ mission is to support female leadership by promoting women-owned businesses throughout the entire coffee supply chain. This process stretches through the cultivation, exporting, importing, and roasting of the product. This company is working towards creating a lasting social impact with their customers and the female-owned companies that they partner with. Muchacha offers their customers a special coffee blend Coffee Victoria. Customers have the option of how they would want their coffee to be packaged. Those options include whole coffee or ground coffee bean with either the special or the original packaging. This is a perfect gift for any coffee lover addict in your life.

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