Kayce Wells: RA, Nursing Student, and Woman of God

RA, GCU Arena Guest Service Representative Supervisor, Nursing School, and servant of God makes Kayce Wells a Superwoman on the Grand Canyon Universitycampus. But how is she able to be apart of so much and keep a smile on her face? I was able to talk to this wonder woman and figure out how she got to GCU, how she is able to survive with all of her responsibilities, and how others can do it too.

Question 1: How did you end up at GCU?

I am from sunny Tempe, Arizona, home of the Devils! However, ASU -along with- GCU were never actually on my radar. I grew up going to the same school and church my whole life along with everyone else in my family and I longed for a new and exciting out-of-state adventure! I had big (not to mention unrealistic) dreams of schools like Pepperdine, even though I knew in my heart there was no way I could afford anything out of state, state school or private. One day a rep came from GCU and told us about all the scholarships I qualified for, and right there and then I just knew GCU is where God wanted me. It's funny to me because I honestly never even thought of attending GCU before then, and it was the only school I applied to. Yet still I can see that I have been given more of an adventure than what I ever expected by being right where I am at Grand Canyon. 

Question 2: How are you able to survive being an RA, having a job, and being in the nursing program?

I can say with absolute confidence that the only way I have been able to survive is through the strength of Jesus alone. I definitely have had my fair share of overwhelmed and stressed out days. There is honestly no way that I have succeeded these last 6 weeks of Level 1 (nursing program) through any strength that I thought I had. In fact, I have found out just how weak I actually am because of the nursing program. But it makes it all the more sweeter when I realize this and get to relish in the strength of my Savior as he carries me through each week, every day, every hour, and every time. I think the thought that gets me through every day is realizing just how blessed I am to have so many things to be a part of. School is so fun, learning how to actually care for people as a nurse. I work with such a fun group in such a fun environment at the arena, and I get to build community in my hall with awesome RAs and make more friends serving my residents---these "responsibilities" are such a gift and they make each task a joy! God is so kind to give me such cool blessings.

Question 3: What have you learned while at GCU?

The number one thing I have learned is the beauty and necessity for community. College is challenging and life is stressful, but our Creator gave us something so sweet to help us along - each other. So many of us are feeling the same things: happiness, excitement, curiosity, adventure, sadness, stress, confusion, etc. How beautiful is it that we can relate to each other and help each other along this roller coaster of a ride we call life?I think the need for community also stems from our need for Jesus. We long for His comfort, His love, His protection, and His presence...and He provides that for us in our hearts; but he also sends that comfort, love, protection, and presence in the form of people; because we are made in His image, no wonder we long for fellowship! Life wasn't meant to be done alone, and I think GCU recognizes that and works so hard to give us tools to meet other people who we can relate to and then strengthen those relationships to make lifelong friendships. 

Question 4: What do you do on your free time?

I honestly don't have a lot of free time: as mentioned before...my time is pretty much filled with class, studying, RA things, and work. However, I feel like my RA responsibilities and work are "free time" from school - they allow me to have fun and socialize while not having to "critically think" per se.  But other than that I think I just talk with people in between all that -- and that is my favorite way to spend my free time!

Question 5: If you had Brian Mueller’s job for a day what would you do?

I would play "Undercover Boss" and find all the secret superheroes of GCU and think of awesome and unique ways to show them my appreciation for them! Maybe I would also find a way to do that for super cool students too, who come from difficult backgrounds and are working hard as students but don't get much recognition.

Able to go through the stress of school, work, etc, and come out with a smile makes Kayce Wells a Wonder Woman. She inspires those around to face trials with God’s strength and not their own.