Is It Too Early for Spooky Season?

Out of the twelve months in the year, October to December are usually seen to be the best three months. From spooky season to Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year’s parties, it’s hard to disagree that these months aren’t fun. They’re filled with friends, family, and good food. 

Being able to come home from college, finally get a home cooked meal for Thanksgiving, and getting to see the rest of your family is amazing - no disagreement there! However, as fun as these seasons may be, everyone seems to forget that September is actually the start of Fall. 

September is the start of cooler weather, the end of summer, and the beginning of the school year. However, this month is completely disregarded and skipped straight to Halloween. This is seen in stores all the time! As soon as the end of August hits it’s like Spirit Halloween threw up all over every store in the area.

Halloween is a great holiday and as soon as October hits everyone can totally spook out, but it is too early for Spooky Season. Spooky Season entails getting costumes for parties, buying those Pillsbury Jack O Lantern cookies, bonfires, and football games. August and September are not the time for these things! This month is the start of fall and the end of Summer. It should be filled with last minute river trips, picnics in the park, and late-night drives spent reminiscing memories with friends. 

September is one of the last months to enjoy the summer sun and go on those trips that everyone talked about going all summer but never found the time. It’s the time to listen to those end of summer releases! Post- Malone, Lana Del Ray, and Taylor Swift all released new albums this month! Now new music, new albums, a whole new array of content for listening! 

It is in fact too early for Spooky Season. The start of fall is just around the corner which means going to the fair, while it’s still warm at night, pumpkin patches, and watching the leaves change from green and lively to an amber crunch. 

There are so many things left to do in the time before Spooky Season and these are just a few. There’s not as much recognition on Fall things as there is on Halloween which makes sense because Halloween is the big event that most people, in college, especially look forward to as soon as the school year starts, but what about living in the present. Disregarding the fact that every store in America has a jump start on any holiday and decides to start putting up decorations months in advance. There’s a habit of jumpstarting things before they’re ready and before their time out of excitement and that’s fine but sometimes it’s nice to just relish in the present. Take time to spend with friends and focus on all the fall things to do now before spooky season begins! Go to a pumpkin patch, see an autumn movie, go to a painting class, just wait till October to begin Spooky Season!