The Importance of Being There

When there are no more words left to say, stay and wait. Simply being there for someone has the power to speak louder than words. When we are present in these moments, it provides the person in need with security and comfort.

Imagine sitting side by side with your best friend as they tell you about something or someone that broke their heart. Maybe it was a breakup or a bad day at work, learn to listen rather than constantly speak. Your friend pours her heart out to you and there is nothing you can say to make her better, you just hold her tight. Pick them off the ground when they are too weak to stand. The one thing in this world that can keep us happy is to love and be loved. Contentment is key to living a satisfying life.

In the novel “Bittersweet”, Shauna Niequist discusses the importance of having someone present. ‘Every time I thought that she would back away, she walked forward she changed me, and now, everywhere I go, everywhere life take me, I’ll be looking for this, for this kind of friendship my dear Annette taught me.”  Having someone there for us during our highest and lowest moments in life causes us take a step back from what’s bothering us. These kinds of people remind us that we are loved. No matter where life takes us, we can look beside us and have someone there. That person will answer your phone call at 2 a.m. when your eyes and heart are feeling heavy.

Whether it’s holding someone close or hearing them vent, they just want to be there. Unfortunately, the times that bring the most heart break, are the times that reveal true friends.

It is essential to treasure the little moments in life because one day we will look back and realize that they were big moments. We would not be where we are today without our parents cheering us on the sidelines of our sporting events, our friends making us laugh so hard until it physically pains us, or all of the lessons that our teachers taught us in school.

During these times of need, God provides us with these people to treasure us. He rescues us by sending us fellowship. By the power of his grace and unfailing love, he knows that all of us need someone to be our mentor. Shauna mentions that “grace is when the silence is so complete that you can hear your own heartbeat, and right within your ribs, God’s beating heart too.” God provides us with thousands of opportunities of grace, even if we cannot recognize it right away, we know that he is always there to comfort us. By resting in his presence we can feel satisfied knowing that he is in control. There were times where my friends have read me like a book. They knew that I needed help and didn’t hesitate to pray for me. No matter where we go, or where life takes us, being there for someone means more than any other gift you could provide.