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I Switched My Major, And I Couldn’t Be Happier

As an incoming freshman, you’re buried with new information about clubs, move-in dates, and welcome week. Adding to it, during the first week of classes you’re so nervous, wondering where to sit, and what people in the class will become your friends, especially when you’ll need their help for a paper that’s due at 11:59 pm and it’s already 10. 


I walked into GCU as a premed major really believing that I wanted to become a dentist, but the truth was that I didn’t want my dental assistant training to go to the trash. I enjoyed assisting. The people that walked into the office, the co-workers, but being an actual dentist is different. As a dentist, you gain information from x-rays, what your assistant has asked the patient themselves, but you don’t actually interact with the patient yourself, you walk in and get the job done (this in no way is critiquing dentists or any medical profession, I believe they’ve earned and deserve lots of respect). I wanted a job that was going to allow me to interact with people, a job that would give me something new each week, not just 4 root canals a day. 


After what seemed like the longest time, but it was only 4 weeks, I switched my major to communications. 


I struggled when switching to communications. Was I just wasting time and money? Could this new degree help me be financially where I want to be? Could I eventually take care of my parents? I had so many questions and little to no answers. What really verified to me that I had done the right thing, is when I went to my college kickoff, a gathering hosted by professors where they talk to you about the classes you’ll be taking, programs, internships, connected to the major. The room was in a lecture hall, about 35 people. Although the group was small, I felt much more connected and seen in the classroom. I had the opportunity to hear what other people wanted to do, connect with them through their stories, and their reasoning. 


When it finally came to talk to my parents about what I had done, I expected an answer like, “oh, that’s good, but are you sure?”. I wasn’t wrong, that’s exactly what I received. The process of explaining that this is what I really wanted to do was harder than I thought, but my happiness has always been one of their number priorities. I still get the occasional “is it really better than your other degree?” but I know they are just looking out for me. 


My advice for anyone out there that is looking to change their major, is Nike. Just do it. No matter what year you’re in your college journey, your happiness and wellbeing are, in my opinion, so much more important. Redoing 4 years of college instead of deciding in 10 years that you don’t like your career anymore is easier. Remember that there is success in failure. Allow yourself to fall back into something you love, you have the support from people around you. Do not allow yourself to get caught up on the money part, because if you truly love what you do that will always shine through. 

Name: Paloma Morales. I was born and raised in the great state of Oregon, until the age of six when my family decided to move to Arizona. I come from a traditional Hispanic family where I am the only girl out of two older brothers. My music taste is varied wide. I love to travel, even if it is just in local Arizona. Although, my dream is to visit Germany because of the history it holds. Besides being a history geek, I love all things beauty related: skincare, hair, makeup, whatever you name - I love it. I live everyday by the quote "Ah, but what if it does", a response to "What if it doesn't come true?".
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