Hunting for Eggs

Coloring eggs is one of the many appealing characteristics about Easter for children. Especially when you can decorate to your heart’s desire, and know that a cute white bunny will give you candies and special treats. Families always put together egg hunts for their children, and the adults watch them search with happy smiles. However, as we grow older Easter is less and less about the cute white bunny and painting eggs, but about sacrifice and finding new life from death. The main core component of Easter is to celebrate the rising of Jesus Christ from dead, and how in this moment he was seated at the right hand of his Father washing our sins away with forgiveness.

Catholics traditionally practice Lent before Easter, which is about 40 days before Easter, and it is centered around giving up a vice or material object to perform a “sacrifice” from our lives like Jesus. Easter is such an underrated holiday, because it has become a children’s holiday to some people. However, as we become adults we learn Easter is just as, and maybe more, important to us. This holiday symbolizes rebirth, and each day we strive to survive in this world we are drenched in the hardships life relentlessly dishes out. People forget about their morals or ethics, and tell themselves “I’ll do that tomorrow” or “that’s for another time”. We put so much effort into the money we have, the clothes we wear, and the things we post on social media that we forget the most important things of life.

Easter is a great day for all of us to hunt for the things we are missing from life. We forget to forgive others, and ourselves for big and little things in our lives. Most importantly, we don’t give ourselves a chance for a different life. We were given the gift of free will, and it is only up to us to decide if we want something more from ourselves and the time we have here on this Earth.

During Lent, it teaches us the lesson of sacrifice. We learn to endure and to go on without chocolate, video games, swearing, lying, going up elevators, etc. There are so many little things in life we can offer up for the Lord who took our sins away for the betterment and love of this world. We live selfish lives, and in times like Lent and Easter we have an opportunity to not live for ourselves and the things with which we are consumed. As adults we forget that we can be lost too, and the eggs of our lives lay hidden but filled with treasures. We search through the greed, lust, and anger of the world today so we may enjoy the fruits of our Lord that he hopes we find. Easter is still a day to remember and celebrate the miracles of our lives. God blesses us each day and as creatures of his likeness it is beautiful to celebrate along with the rest of his creation the beginning of new life.