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How to Treat Yourself on a Budget

It goes without saying that making yourself a priority is one of the biggest trends of 2019 thus far. The importance of self-care has been a huge focus within our society lately, and there are many ways that you can take care of yourself (or “treat yo’ self” as Parks and Recreation’s Tom and Donna famously coined) without breaking the bank.


One of the easiest ways to treat yourself is by setting aside an evening and making it all about you! Remind yourself that homework and studying can be done on another day and that nothing is more important than yourself and your well-being. After all, everyone needs a break every now and then! This night is all up to you, so you can decide if you want to spend it alone or in company. A quick Google search can show you how to make face masks for your skin type using household products and you can find comfort in knowing every ingredient you are using. Next, grab your most comfortable pajamas and do what makes you feel at ease, whether that be curling up with a good book or watching your favorite show on Netflix. If you get hungry, do not fret! Food delivery companies such as Postmates and UberEats often send out promo codes for free delivery or discounted food if you are a part of their mailing list. Now you can enjoy your favorite junk foods without ever leaving your house!   

Another way to treat yourself while on a budget is to explore apps such as Depop, Poshmark, and Mercari! These are social shopping apps where you can buy millions of different clothing items, ranging from vintage finds to designer pieces. Since most of the clothes posted on these apps are gently used and sold by everyday people around the world, they are often heavily discounted and incredibly affordable. These apps are a good way to update your wardrobe without hitting overdraft on your bank account.

Another way to treat yourself is to take the time to practice mindfulness. Look up a quick yoga tutorial on YouTube and follow along, taking the time to notice your breathing and how you feel as you transition from pose to pose. There are also plenty of free meditation apps that only take a few minutes from your day and can help you stay more grounded in your everyday life.

Overall, this year is about making yourself a priority. Whether school or work has you stressed, be aware of your limits and know it is okay to just relax and do what makes you happy. It is the little things that keep us sane, like indulging in your favorite ice cream after a long day or picking up some flowers just to make your room a little brighter. You only have one body, so treat it kindly! And whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, just remember that your life is individually and uniquely your own, so take the time to appreciate and care for yourself.  

Jessica Orozco is currently a senior at GCU studying Psychology with a minor in Forensic Psychology. This Los Angeles native finds joy in brunch, dogs, and musical theatre. When she isn't writing, you can find her scrolling through her Twitter and Instagram feeds or binge watching true crime shows on Netflix.
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