How to Travel as a College Student on a Budget

Everyone wants to travel the world, especially when you’re young and wanting to live your life freely. Trying to travel when you’re on a budget is extremely difficult, especially when you’re trying to travel to a foreign country to experience the different cultures that there are in the world. Here are four helpful tips that can help you to reach your dreams of traveling the world on a budget.

  1. Where To Travel

You can travel anywhere that you desire and is well within your budget of expenses, but it is most convenient for your bank account if you went during the off season of travelling. This is the most important thing since flights are expensive, especially when trying to travel to countries that are extremely lengthy. For example, if you have the intentions of travelling to Europe, the best time to go there would be during the Winter while it’s cold or if you prefer warmer weather, going during the Spring. If you choose to go during the summer, be prepared to spend much more money than you had anticipated!

  1.  Where to Stay

Instead at staying at the fanciest hotels you can find on the internet, try going for an Airbnb. There are so much more opportunities you’ll have, including meeting more locals, if you stay at a place of local! From previous experience, the people who open up their home to you will often times go above and beyond to have the best experience while you are staying at their place. It is  much better than having to worry about the extra hotel expenses that can occur. It also helps if the Airbnb that you end up staying at provides a kitchen for your use, which can save you a little more money if you purchase groceries and don’t eat out as much!

  1. Transportation

Live like a local! Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on Uber or Lyft, utilize that money for other things and learn how to use the metro system. Going on vacation to a different country is all about experiencing new things and stepping out of your comfort zones at times, so try living more like a local and learn how to use the system! Also, try to stay away from cab drivers. They know when you are a tourist and will more than likely take advantage of you, not being from the country, and change the prices that can have a negative affect on you and more than likely, your wallet.

  1.  Travel with Friends

Experiencing the world when you are with a group of people that you know and trust can make things so much more exciting. Life is all about the memories you make so what better way is there than getting together with people that you love and a having a new experience? It also helps lower the cost of things such as the place you choose to stay at. Having everyone pitch in can make people much more happy when there is a small price to pay. You not only save money while in the process of travelling with a group, but you are benefitting yourself for your own safety, well-being, and happiness at the end of the day.