How to Relax On Campus During Finals

*Final countdown starts playingWith only 3 weeks left of class here are some ideas to de-stress and be relaxed until the end of the semester!  

  1. Hammocking

      Defined by the Urban Dictionary as “the act of setting up and subsequently chilling in a hammock.” All around campus, one can spot many hammocks strung up between trees, posts in dorm courtyards and even gate hooks. Hammocking is as common as longboards at GCU. Get one for this summer for less than $20.00 on Amazon 


  1. Laying on the grass

      Soak up that vitamin D! Be careful to not sunburn! Wear sunscreen, hat and sunglasses. Bring a sheet or picnic blanket, grab some food at Chick fil-a down lopes way, and chill before the stress of finals and class get to you. Also, a good way to sneak in a nap throughout the day without needing to go back to your dorm. Find a shady spot either on the lawn in front of the arena or the grove lawn or even a courtyard of any dorm. Trees make great cool spots that can make comfortable sitting areas for students who want to escape the rising heat, especially here in Phoenix, Arizona.  


  1. Volleyball

      As popular as sports are at GCU, especially basketball, there is a sport which anyone can play. Located across from the grove lawn, there are a series of sand volleyball courts. In the evenings especially, loud dance music is played to get people hyped. It makes for a wonderful way to de-stress and let go of any baggage from your full day of classes. Bring your volleyball and a good attitude!  

  1. Longboarding/Biking

      Why not do something active that also relaxes you and gets you quicker to places! Find your own longboard or bike by checking posts on Facebookcraigslist or even asking students on campus. Students will always be posting longboards for sale and bikes as well. You can also ask any one of your friends for a quick lesson. A good time to practice is later in the evening when less students are crowding the walkways and sidewalks. Be careful and always be on the lookout for cars and other people walking or biking.  


  1. Chilling at the pool

      Now this one has two parts. You can either swim and actually get wet or you can lay on a lounge chair and tan. One can also study while either reading or typing an article or essay that is due tomorrow. (not me…at all) Bring headphones! If you are going to the pool in between classes, make you set an alarm. The hours of the pool are from 10 AM to 10 PM. The 3 main pools on campus are: Chaparral Hall, Papago Apartments and the Grove pool (which can get crowded during peak hours). Have fun this semester! Don’t stress too much! You got this!