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Her Campus 2018 Fashion Edition Vol. 9

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GCU chapter.

My last Fashion Edition, dated back to March 3rd, focused on cropped turtleneck sweaters, but I think that it is about time that we look at tracksuits. This style is way outdated in some respects, although it is now a hot re-emerging trend. Usually, tracksuits are used by athletes to stay warm, but it is a style that has been developed in all forms. One form of the traditional tracksuit is known for its solid matching color with white strips along the sides of the pant leg and arms. I think that the appeal also comes with the change in fit for women. Instead of just having a loose fit, the popularity with females is that the material clings to the body. For instance, I associate them with being ideal clothing because they show off and flatter my figure without demonstrating much effort. Their casual appearance gives it a vibe that is effortless. Also, they are comfy and have simple details that can be dressed up or down.

It seems that tracksuits really came back when two-piece sets became fashionable because they do categorize as one. Runway models and clothing brands are encouraging this trend for the everyday occasion. They look incredible with branded sneakers, and sexy with short boots, either with a closed or open toe. Tracksuits are also widely popular because of its influence in both gender fashion. Men adhere to the looser fit, but the materials, added embellishment, and styles are where the appeal stays consistent. Through observation, I would say that the skinny fit tracksuits are widely more popular than any other fit across males and females. Black is a popular color, although neutral colors and red are running in a close second between both males and females.

One other way that tracksuits have evolved in form is in the jacket. One zipper down the middle is what most people are more familiar with, but now there is even more variety. For females, zippers will hit mid-length on a jacket, and the suit may not have jacket pockets or a hood. Versus men, who still prefer the zipped down jacket with a hood, or a simple collared neck. Also, females seem to like the emergence of the one-piece zip-up tracksuit. This style has inspired the jumper sense of this look, and with this the tracksuit and jumper are similar, but I feel that both trends remain different. Wearing a tracksuit means wearing the entire set. If only the jacket or pants are worn it does not characterize as this look. Even though pieces from the tracksuit are making their fashion statements separately, they make a distinct statement when paired with other streetwear clothing.

Experimenting with different materials has been an appealing aspect of this piece. The original tracksuit style is made out of either cotton, polyester, or both, but the fashion world has gotten very creative. Spandex, velvet, and satin are three fabrics that first come to my mind, but there are many others. It just comes to show how uniquely the fashion industry thrives. Personally, I love the trend. I think that it will continue to be around because of its flexibility, feel, and vibe since there are not many clothes that are trending in multiple departments such as, active, dressy, and casual wear. It is also a trend that everyone probably has experienced wearing at one point in their life, but tracksuits have not been seen as the look that they are today. Tracksuits have really won over the fashion industry, therefore are a 2018 LOOK by definition.

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