Her Campus 2018 Fashion Edition Vol. 8

I started off 2018 with some of my own layered looks by popular demand. As a Fashion Columnist, I love to dress up, which makes me very creative in my style and that is something that I must share with you. Currently, a look has come across that I cannot pass up the opportunity to talk about. At this point, it's March, and it has been a cold few weeks. Same goes for today, but I love it because I get to continue to talk about my favorite season. Winter.     Reminiscing back to one of my previous Fashion Editions from November, I think about some of the universal statements that I covered that not only are at the top of the list for 2017, but also for this New Year. Although, I would strongly advocate that crop sweaters are a style specific to winter. They are in, and pairing the sweater with tight-fitting mom jeans, bell-bottoms, and dress pants flatter this outfit best. Big buckled belts to go on the pants is a specific detail that completes the look because the cropped sweater just layers right in the middle of the belly button. Consequently, this look is even more flattering with a belt piece.  You will be excited to know that I want to introduce you to yet another one of my favorite Fashion Bloggers that brought my attention specifically to this look. Of course, like all of my other favorites, she is from the UK. Her name is Lydia Ross. On her blog, she pairs these sweaters with pinstripe colored dress pants and it makes a bold statement. Pairing these two opposing materials can be a stretch, but she manages to make it work. Another thing to note is that a tight fit on the wrists of these sweater gives it a more sophisticated and even bohemian vibe. To finish the look you can never go wrong with layered jewelry on the sweater pieces, just make sure you add differentiating lengths to it. An example of this is shown in the outfit pictured below. 

Now, the obvious appeal to these sweaters is that everyone wants to show off their figure, but let's not forget how flattering cropped looks are. Given that a sweater is warm, they are oversized and frumpy. Therefore, the cropped look has really sold because it is appears put together, flattering, but still warm and bulky. My all-time favorite trend is turtlenecks. They have absolutely come back into style. 

This might not have been something that you have ever thought of, but turtlenecks come in all different sizes. My favorites are big, heavy turtlenecks that go up pretty high on the neck. These turtlenecks have an added element that I prefer over tiny turtleneck holes, other than the fact that they are exceptionally more comfortable.The warm bulgy sweater material incorporates cotton, fleece, Sherpa fur, and even some other forms of the faux fur. As we all know, the neutral color trend has been stylish for various seasons now, and I would say that, like almost all of my clothes these days, those are my favorite colors to show off. The essentials like, white, black, and tan are colors that everyone should have in their closets! Fashion rule number one first and foremost. Denim on denim looks amazing with these sweaters. Some denim details to consider are deciding between distressed, fringed, or the incorporation of holes. This can also apply to the type of cropped sweater that you decide is best for you. Consider the cropped look,  fringe around the trim of the entire coat or sweater, or a sweater with holes near the elbow areas. These can make this look your own. Be mindful of choosing an oversized denim piece to layer over the sweater otherwise, the look will appear and be suffocating.      Essentially, this sweater needs to be in your wardrobe this winter, and we still have time before we have to put away these layers. Wearing a trendsetting pair of bottoms during the winter, or even a tight fitted skirt piece and sheer tights with this cropped turtleneck sweater will work very nicely. This is a piece that will last because it is easy. Again, I hope you enjoyed this new edition, and I already have another great look ready for next time that I am so excited to share in the following Fashion Edition. We are just kicking off the New Year, and already the cropped turtleneck sweaters have made their way as being a classic 2018 LOOK.                                       

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