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Time is stagnant. As March quickly approaches so does the year mark of a shut down in the United States. Ever since then there has been a “bleh” feeling in the air. After cancelled trips, job loss, lost opportunities, and separation from loved ones, it is hard to get excited about the future. It is hard to find purpose in this time of life where it seems like nothing is happening. To see graduation quickly approaching as the job market dwindles. As a college student it is hard to find hope and purpose in the future when nothing is certain. The thought “well we might be in another quarantine” dwindles in the back of everyone’s head. The whole world is experiencing this season of “inbetweeness” together. A season of grieving what was lost and trying to find hope for what is to come. As the year mark comes closer and closer the need for reflection is becoming more necessary. It is time to ask the question “what now?”. What do we do with this time of life? This experience that has become our reality for the foreseeable future.

All people have experienced a season of being in between in their life. Whether it was the summer before college, deciding on what grad school to go to, or not knowing what the next step is. Life is full of in-betweens. This is one of the first times where it seems like everyone is in it together. Living in pandemic times certainly is not anything new at this point but there is always room to process it. People tend to go through the motions of life without experiencing it. A lot of this time has been trying to survive. Simply diving headfirst into the ocean of unknowns and hoping for the best. While there are plenty of negative aspects during this time, it is important to recognize the beautiful things that come out of an “inbetween season.” It allows us to truly appreciate the people that show up and are consistently there. To find purpose in the small things like a perfectly crafted avocado toast or a morning walk. It gives us space to consider what things are passions and what things are just taking up space. 

It would be naive to not recognize the pain of this time. Every changed plan comes with an ache of hurt. The pain of having to let go of what was supposed to be. However, every in between has ended with growth. These seasons have a tendency to readjust us in the direction that we are supposed to be going in. There are a lot of things I wish did not have to change since March, but I also do not want to go back to who I was in March. I love deeper, appreciate people better, and put less pressure on my future and career. Going through this time together gives people the opportunity to relate better. Sometimes taking a pause is good. Readjusting is necessary. As we experience this great inbetween together we must use it to love each other better.

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Tatum is currently a Sophomore at GCU studying Graphic Design and Advertising. As a native to Arizona she loves being a part of the Phoenix community. She is passionate about writing, design, friendship, and a really good cup of coffee.
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