Grand Construction University

As we enter into this new year, let this be a tribute in memory of the buildings that have been lost in the past. 

1. Starbucks, Peet's, Canyon Coffee, GCBC

Before the fall of 2013, the Student Union was expanded upward to include the largest Starbucks in the country. After the baristas had mastered the perfect mocha, the area had a new owner -- Peet's Coffee and Tea. Peet's added more furniture but was replaced in January 2016 with Canyon Coffee. The space is now a modern, fun place called GCBC (Grand Canyon Beverage Company) with GCU students in mind. 

2. Halo/Animal Shelter/Mailing Center? 

Before GCU occupied the area where the Halo Parking Garage stands, an animal shelter resided. Once GCU had the spot, the building was made into a Mail Center that was on the outskirts of campus. This was the farthest place on campus, and was hardly considered "on campus" at all! The transformation of the garage came towards the end of the 2015 spring semester. 

3. Swimming in Administration 

The beautiful Building 26 use to be a lovely pool that provided prime tanning opportunities. Quiet, relaxing and big were all words that described the beloved Main Pool. Now, the interesting architecture houses many offices. But who needs a great pool when you can have an office? 

4. Grove of Apartments

Where the primary freshmen housing now stands, there use to be residential houses. The apartments were of lesser conditions, but with Grand Canyon's constructional magic, they were able to add to the beautiful landscape of campus.

5. Parking? Pshhh please.

 Believe it or not, Grand Canyon University used to have parking spots on campus. Ocotillo, Papago, Lil' Papago, Encanto, and the Stem building were all prime parking lots full of opportunies for short walks to your vehicles. Four years ago, parking where Ocotillo stands was out in the middle of nowhere. There was even parking right outside the doors of Canyon Hall, the North Rim Apartments, and Hegel Hall. 

6. Hey Girl Hegel! Not Cypress! 

With the tree theme in the grove (Acacia, Willow, Juniper, and Ironwood), it spread to another building -- Hegel Hall. This used to be a completely male dormitory. In the fall of 2013, females joined the small, older style dorms. A few years ago, it was the housing for Discover GCU. The name was changed to Cypress, and housed offices took over. Yet we will always remember it as Hegel. 

7. The Science, Hammocks, and Roadrunner

The six-story apartment building that is a new feature to Grand Canyon's skyline was once the brick building called Tell Science. In this building, the science labs held sessions. Now, it hosts students and even a pop-up GCBC. Not to mention that this had a collection of trees that were prime hammocking locations. Hammock villages were often seen while walking past the old structures. They will be missed dearly. 

8. RIP Mojo Bowl 

There have been many food places that have come and gone. Like the Student Union's soft serve ice cream, Mein Bowl, Zime, and Parmesan. But one location stood above the rest. The lines were long and the prices high, but Mojo Bowl was worth it for the natural, delicious flavors it brought into our lives. RIP, gone too soon. 

These are just a few of the areas we mourn. With this new year, expect new buildings and new beginnings!