Got Any Thanksgiving Plans?

If not, here are some cool ways you can spend your free time. 

1. Catch up on Homework!

I know, I know. Buzz kill, but I had to bring it up. If you have those late assignments you need to get done but haven’t gotten around to it, and it’s been around two months, do them! If I’m the only one that procrastinates that bad, then you can totally just skip this section. Please don’t pull a me and procrastinate by writing an article then doing your assignments. The anxiety is TORTURE but so is the work. So, no one is winning. 

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2. Sleep

Get some much-needed sleep. Because, I don’t know about you, but I am high-key exhausted. School is at the point where it is almost done and so is all my dining dollars (from too much GCBC). Like I do not know how my friend from Elementary Spanish 104 is alive right now. She literally goes days with no sleep. I want to give her a medal but I also want to prick her finger like in Sleeping Beauty so she can get some rest. If there is a way to sleep for a long time and not have a stranger kiss me to wake me up, sign me up! 

3. Go on a GCU Outdoor Recreation Trip

Now these trips are first come first serve so hurry up and check to see if there are any spots left. I know there are two spot openings for their San Clemente Surf Trip left. Sadly, I will be working so I cannot go. But if you must stay because flights are expensive or whatever the case may be, go check out the link and sign up now! These trips are amazing because you get to go on a trip with a reasonable price. You get to meet amazing people and end up being friends with them for years (or, at least, that was my case). 

Gorgeous sunset over Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona. This major natural attraction just outside of Sedona is a must-see if you're looking for a gorgeous weekend getaway with some hiking in the U.S! #travel #arizona #sedona

4. Explore Arizona

Have you been to the Phoenix Zoo or the Grand Canyon? Now is the time. Love the Chainsmokers? They are having a concert Saturday November 23rd, at the Talking Stick Resort. 21 or older? Go check out Dave and Buster’s Bachata Addiction event at Tempe Marketplace. This event is every Thursday so if you don’t have any plans for Thanksgiving night, go check it out. Facebook has a ton of cool events you could check out, at reasonable prices. If events aren’t your scene, you can go to Papago Park and go on a mini hike. Go to Sedona for the day. Or even go visit the Changing Hands Bookstore on Camelback. 

Friendsgiving Easel Back Canvas Art Print

5. Have Friendsgiving

Have any friends that live in Phoenix or other out-of-state buddies that are staying for the holiday? How about you have a Friendsgiving! Hang out with all your buddies that you appreciate and love and give them your sweet potato casserole recipe. Matter of fact, give it to me! I’ll be staying on campus because I have to work so if you bring the sweet potato, I’ll bring some homemade Pozole, a traditional Mexican cuisine. 

All in all, take this Thanksgiving break for yourself. Practice some self-care and mindfulness. Unwinding or venturing out to visit new places will allow your body and mind to get ready for finals week which is coming in the next couple of weeks.