Gather Your Girls...It’s St. Patrick's Day Weekend!

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and everyone is ready for it. The traditional holiday may have meant green cupcakes and lollipops in elementary school, but what exactly do people do in college on this holiday? Here is the guide to navigating St. Patrick’s weekend and all of the crazy shenanigans that come along with it.

The holiday is well known for its Irish roots and many associate the holiday with green foods, drinks, and activities. Many use this day to gather around friends and family and have an all- around good time. So, what exactly does this day entail and how should someone navigate it? Well first things first, call the girls.

  • Find your gals and go to a movie!

A great St. Patrick’s Day activity is gathering some friends together and going to the nearest theater to catch a movie! Ordering popcorn and filling the day with laughs can be so rewarding!

  • Get dressed up and go to dinner!

Getting dressed up is a great way to feel more confident and who doesn’t love a good bite to eat! Often times, restaurants have deals for special holidays and may even offer special plates themed for the day!

  • Go to a festival!

Phoenix offers a Pot of Gold music festival March 15-17 and is available to the public for a small ticket price! Festivals are a great way to let loose and see amazing artists with a lot of talent. A lot of big artists will headline these festivals in order to really engage the public and gain a larger following!

  • Go to a parade!

Parades are a great way to get outside and see the city’s offerings! Parades engage the public and are a great way to have fun with friends. Grab a blanket, pack a lunch, and enjoy everything the town has to offer!

  • Host a barbeque!

Barbeques are an American past time for celebrations and offers food, friends, and laughs! These gatherings are a great time to have a St. Patrick’s Day cookoff and host a green outfit contest! Barbeques allow for a lot of freedom and ensure the host the ability to reserve all of the activities, whether it be dancing, playing cornhole, or even just hanging out!

  • Go to a nightclub!

Depending on the area, many clubs offer discounts or promote these holidays! Clubs are a great way to gather the girls and let loose on the dance floor. Spring break is right around the corner and dancing is a wonderful way to get a workout in as well as sweating off the stress from the prior week!

Whatever the holiday weekend brings, hopefully it is filled with fun and laughter. There are so many activities and they do not only have to be for St. Patrick’s Day! Any holiday is a great reason to celebrate and be surrounded by friends and family. Remember to stay safe and check the news for more information on local activities.