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Now that it finally feels like fall, it’s time to pull out our sweaters cute boots. The most difficult part is trying to wear something that is warm but not too warm, and that still can incorporate your cute summer clothes. Here are a few ways of upgrading your closet. The first is simply, by just wearing a cute sweater with a skirt. With a simple look like this you still look ready for fall without sweating through the day from wearing too many layers.  



The next is laying sweaters, t-shirts, and cardigans. A great way to style these are by wearing jeans, a t-shirt, some Doc Martens, and a sweater over that which will be easy to take off if it gets too hot during the day. Another cute and retro way is by laying a long t-shirt under a dress and pair of your favorite booties. This is a simple yet adorable way of dressing for this fall weather. Another is wearing a long maxi skirt with a t-shirt and some Nikes. My favorite way of laying is a pair of black jeans, a fun t-shirt, and a denim jacket on top, with a pair of my leather boots.




If it’s more of a warmer day and you can wear shorts without being freezing, here are some ideas that you can easily pull off for that perfect fall look without looking crazy wearing so many layers. Wearing your favorite pair of cut off jean shorts, a long sleeve blouse and some matching boots is one great way to keep that fall look. If it is cold in the morning but its going to warm up try wearing a tank top blouse with a thicker cardigan on top and some jean shorts. The cardigan can be used to cover your legs in class when its cold and can be taken off if it is too hot outside. If you want that layered look you can wear a long thin t shirt underneath a sweater with some shots or jeans. It is a good way to get that fall look without putting too much thought into how to style it. Adding a hat to any look will pull it all together, with a few accent pieces you will look fabulous for fall.   




The last way is by wearing a long sleeve shirt under a t-shirt with jeans, shorts, or skirts. I’ve seen this done in a few different ways and every time I see it worn it looks so cute. By wearing a long sleeve you don’t have to worry about bringing a jacket and having to take it off throughout that day, you can just roll up the sleeves or roll them down depending on the weather. All of these ways are easy to pull off without spending money on new clothes. By just wearing something differently than you normally do can make it seem like you have a whole new wardrobe.

Brenna is originally from southern California right smack in the middle of LA and San Diego. She is a biology major with a minor in psychology. She is a freshman and is super excited to see what God has in plan for her for the future. One of her biggest goals for the future is to try everything that she is scared of at least once.
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